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Machine Vision FAQs

What is machine vision?

Machine Vision is used to describe the technology that creates automated images in industrial applications - usually for inspection, analysis, and guidance. Machine vision technology applications include checking objects within close proximity, identifying the colour or size of an object, and deciphering between barcodes and printed characters. 

Machine vision technology includes a wide range of cameras, lenses and lighting. OEM also offer barcode and guidance scanners as part of the machine vision product range.

What products would I find under the machine vision category?

The machine vision cameras available at OEM Automatic include 3D cameras, area scan, embedded, ToF cameras, IP cameras and Line scan cameras. 

As well as the cameras, we can supply heavy equipment cameras, camera enclosures, barcode readers, machine vision hardware & softwaresmart cameraslenses, filters, and a range of accessories and associated components.

The complete range of machine vision products.

What is a machine vision system?

A machine vision system comprises a range of equipment, for example, the camera, lenses, lighting, and an image processing unit. At OEM Automatic, we can create a machine vision system according to your application. 

Machine vision system component range.

What are the different product ranges within machine vision?

Camera range:

Our camera range consists of 3 categories:

Alongside the cameras, we can offer associated accessories, including:

We also provide customisable camera kits that include everything you need in one kit. 

Barcode scanners and guidance scanners 

We also offer a range of barcode scanners available in 1D, 2D and 3D and guidance scanners used to detect nearby objects and measure distance within a machine vision application. 

What are the applications for machine vision products?

Machine vision products are used for a wide range of applications, predominantly within the industrial automation sectors. 

Appearance Inspection – Machine vision cameras are used to inspect products and are often found in product manufacturing or quality inspection applications. Cameras ensure a product is free of scratches, damage, missing parts, burrs, dents,  discolouration or anything visually different. 

Vehicle and machine safety – Machine vision systems can be designed to detect blind spots and help guide drivers in difficult conditions, increasing road safety. This includes HGVs, cranes, trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, mining machinery and all other heavy equipment vehicles. 

Warehouse Guidance – Cameras and barcode scanners can be used on forklifts and AGVs inside warehouses and within logistics to help keep personnel safe and perform automation tasks. 

Measuring – Machine vision cameras mounted onto objects can measure the distance of objects around and help with collecting data within industrial automation and logistics applications. 

Stock monitoring - Machine vision cameras and barcode scanners are used for stock-taking tasks in warehouses. They are used to accurately check the amount of a product stocked and stock moving in and out of a warehouse in fast-paced environments. 

Surveillance – Usually, in outdoor and night-time environments, cameras are used to detect people or objects and record for the use of the owner.

Code reading – Machine vision and barcode scanning equipment is used to collect data within warehouses or in logistics and can be used within a greater automation application to check dates or codes, increasing efficiency, usually used in the manufacturing, automotive, electronics, food & beverage, and medical/pharmaceutical industries.

What kind of environment are machine vision products used in?

Machine vision products can be used in any environment, wet or dry and dark or light. Our products can be designed for different climates and environments, depending on your application. 

Here are some examples of challenging environments where our machine vision products have been used:

  • Outdoor and indoor surveillance where night vision and low light equipment is required. 
  • Heavy machinery safety camera kits, used externally and must be suitable to withstand harsh weather conditions. Camera enclosures are also available to protect your camera from outdoor elements.  
  • Applications where a vision system is required but space is limited. Smart cameras can be used for these environments due to the build in LED lighting feature and compact size.

What industries use machine vision products?

Machine vision and barcode scanning equipment are used in almost all industries, here are some examples:

  • Manufacturing 
  • Logistics
  • Construction
  • Entertainment
  • Commercial industries
  • Food and packaging
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Medical
  • Electronics and engineering

Why use machine vision products?

Machine vision systems can increase productivity, efficiency and lower costs - replacing human tasks and labour. The intelligence of machine vision systems can make your processes faster and decrease the chances of inaccuracies and mistakes. 

Any machine vision product will come with beneficial features and high-quality image capture, overall.

What’s the difference between machine vision cameras and smart cameras?

The ‘Machine vision camera’ section includes all cameras used for industrial inspection and guidance tasks. These cameras require a connection to a computer where the images are analysed.

Smart cameras have a built-in intelligence system that can analyse images without a separate computer system. So, it is an all-in-one camera.

How do I get in touch with the machine vision department?

Email [email protected] and arrange a phone call with our team we also offer a video call service. If you want to inquire about a particular item, scroll down on the product page and click the ‘Request a quote’ button – a member of the team will help you from there.

Who do I speak to about integrating machine vision products?

If you require an integration partner to help, from designing and specifying vision systems to installation and final sign off, we can help you. 

Our integration partners can offer the following:

  • Technical guidance on camera, lighting, and software requirements.
  • Mechanical design and build
  • Electrical and controls design and implementation
  • Installation
  • Certification (certificates of incorporation, certificates of conformity etc.) 
  • On-site commissioning 
  • After-sales support
  • Training

How do I buy a machine vision product?

You can request a quote from our sales team by selecting the product on or website and scrolling down to part numbers, click ‘request a quote’, and a friendly technical advisor will work with you. 

For more complicated systems and machine vision advice, please email [email protected], where our machine vision specialist team can find the best solution for you. 

To purchase vision products online, please create an account here.

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