Comat Releco power relays for LED lighting CHI14, CHI34

ComatReleco power relays for LED lighting

High inrush currents can cause expensive damage to circuits and components. Everything from energy-saving lamps to the latest LED technology can have an inrush current of up to 250 times the rated current of the LED.

One problem that often arises when using LED lighting is that the high inrush current can weld the contacts together within the relay – causing the lighting to remain on even when the relay is de-energised. Power relays from Comat Releco avoid that problem using Silver Tin-Oxide contacts and Tungsten pre contacts. 

Applications for power relays include:

  • Outdoor area LED lighting
  • LED lighting for greenhouses
  • Operating lights for hospitals
  • Tunnel lighting
  • Parking garage lighting 
  • Lighting in sports halls

These are just a few examples of areas of use…

We have 2 models in our range of power relays, CHI14 which is 1-pole and CHI34 which is 3-pole. 

Both models have zero voltage switching and tungsten pre-contacts which handle the inrush current and prevent it from damaging the components in the circuit and relay contacts.

With a maximum breaking capacity of 800 A for 200 μ seconds and a nominal breaking capacity of 16 A / 250 V AC-1, the two models are unique on the market. 

Plus, their physical size. The DIN rail mountable relays are only 17.5 and 36mm wide respectively and have a height of 69 and 58.8mm.

Large volumes are available by the manufacturer.

More applications:

Electronic control gears of energy saving lamps, power supplies of the latest LED lights and switching supplies of industrial components.


  • 16 A rated current 
  • 200 A for 200 μ seconds
  • Inrush current up to 800 A
  • 17.5 mm or 36 mm width
  • 1-pole or 3-pole
  • Low operation noise

If these power relays are of interest to you, contact the control panel team for expert advice at:

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