Brushed DC motors with worm gears, manufactured by DOGA, are highly regarded in the world of agricultural machinery and similar municipal vehicles, they have been used in this sector for many years.

Founded in 1958, DOGA have been a strong brand within the motors market for over 60 years and they pride themselves on manufacturing high quality geared motors which are a popular choice amongst the worlds’ leading manufacturers

They are used in various types of seeders, balers, combine harvesters, sandblasters and street sweepers.

Here are some of the reasons why DOGA motors prove so popular, especially within the agricultural machinery sector:  

  • Durable construction and resistance to harsh weather conditions
  • Motors are available with protection classes IP65, IP66 and even IP69K
  • High nominal and starting torque: maximums of 25Nm and 135Nm respectively
  • High reliability and long service life
  • Customisation possibilities available to adjust the standard specification to better suit the application and the requirements of the individual customer


Which agricultural machinery can benefit from the use of DOGA motors?

Direct Seeding drill

Doga seed drilling og image

The electric motor allows for the control and regulation of the number of seeds sown depending on several factors, e.g. the type of seed, topography, climatic conditions etc.

The DOGA motors that could be used here include: 

Spot Seeding drill

Doga motor used in spot seed drilling machine

Here an electric motor drives the auger, the auger mixes seeds inside the hopper which then 
slide into the tubes feeding each row of seeds. One single motor is typically used to drive the agitator with each drill line being driven by its own motor.

The main DOGA gear motor used in this type of application is:

baling press

Doga motor used in baling press

The electric motors drive the net feed mechanism and the system that adjusts the bale size.

The DOGA gear motors that could be used include:

For more information about how DOGA motors can work for your application, email [email protected].

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