Sensors are essential in industrial automation to detect the presence of objects or parts, inspect the integrity or correct assembly, measure the dimension, distance or positioning.

Photoelectric sensors are available in many different sizes, versions, and functionalities, ranging from the smallest to the fastest objects, clear or shiny surfaces, colour or invisible fluorescent marks, and dimension or distance measurement.

Inductive proximity sensors are specific for metal parts detection at short distance, also in harsh environments with dust, liquids, oil, or grease.

Capacitive sensors are used for detecting liquids or powder, also inside opaque and non-metal containers.

Ultrasonic sensors are suitable for transparent object detection (plastic film, glass, labels), with distance measurement capability.

Accessories include brackets and cables, IO-Link Master, fibre optics and reflectors for photoelectric sensors.

Manufacturing applications are widespread in automotive and electronics plants; food & beverage and pharmaceutical, processing and packaging machinery; woodworking, metalworking, textile, ceramic, glass, stones, paper, and more.
Datalogic S85  distance application sensor

Application Photosensors

A wide range of special sensors can be found for applications that require greater accuracy or more demanding detection. Light curtains cover a larger area, fork photocells are suitable for accurate identification. Luminescence and colour sensors are suitable for the detection of fluorescent substances and different colors. Label sensors available for identification of various labels and marks. Laser sensors with analog outputs can be found to measure distance with an accuracy of up to 1mm.

Standard Photosensors

Basic photocells are available in either M18 barrel or block form design, covering almost all industrial applications. Both the M18 and block form models are available with either plastic or metal body, The M18 models have options of either radial or axial optics. The range also includes laser models as well as a number of special versions, such as models for transparent objects. We offer a variety of accessories with a wide range of connectors, brackets and reflectors.
Reflex high powered photoelctric sensor

High powered sensors

High powered amplified sensors from Back Reflex.

Fibre Photosensors

Fibre optic sensors are an excellent solution for object detection if installation space is limited or very small objects must be detected. If there are other requirements related to this, such as operating distance, heat resistance, material resistance or flexible installation, an intelligent combination of sensor and fiber optic is an excellent solution. A comprehensive range of fiber optics with application-specific optics provides a solution for many applications.


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