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Definox - Pigging Valves and Systems

Valves and systems

  • Developed from hygienic guidelines
  • Primary use for Pigging systems
  • The valves are particularly suitable for CIP cleaning
  • For processes with high viscosity, fast curing media
  • Definox® offers a fully integrated valve solution

Product description

Definox has for many years specialized in the manufacture of valves that meet the strongest requirements of process technology and is therefore the ideal solution for food, brewery, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and general processing industry.

Definox® Pigging valve:

· Developed in accordance with hygienic guidelines for the high standards of process technology and based on the same design principle as Defionx's other valves.

· Main application of pigging valve is for pigging systems, as the valves are particularly suitable for CIP cleaning and easy and quick installation

Definox® Pigging Systems:

· Ideally suited for processes with high viscosity, fast hardening media, eg yogurt, dressing, cheese, chocolate, toothpaste, etc.

· With Definox® pigging valve you get a full integrated valve solution. So additional sources of contamination of valve and pipe system have been eliminated. Other benefits in this series are easy maintenance and quick installation


Definox double pig pigging system

Pigging valves or systems. Contact us for more information

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