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Valco - Standard Level Float Switch - S1 Series

  • 100 to 500 mm. length (step 50 mm.)
  • Brass stem and connection, Spansil float
  • Max working pressure up to 20 bar
  • Max temperature 105°C
  • Integrated temperature switch (on request)

Product description

Level controls with 1 electrical contact, reliable, compact and easy to install. Designed to offer a range of level switches to meet the request for a cheap monitoring of the level in small tanks. Rugged construction and low maintenance.

Part numbers

Parts Price Length Manufacturer part no. Process connection
100 mm S1.B45.3.0100.O.25GO.S1.L.1.I2 G1
150 mm S1.B45.3.0150.O.25GO.S1.L.1.I2 G1
200 mm S1.B45.3.0200.O.25GO.S1.L.1.I2 G1
250 mm S1.B45.3.0250.O.25GO.S1.L.1.I2 G1
300 mm S1.B45.3.0300.O.25GO.S1.L.1.I2 G1
350 mm S1.B45.3.0350.O.25GO.S1.L.1.I2 G1
400 mm S1.B45.3.0400.O.25GO.S1.L.1.I2 G1
450 mm S1.B45.3.0450.O.25GO.S1.L.1.I2 G1
500 mm S1.B45.3.0500.O.25GO.S1.L.1.I2 G1
100 mm S1.B45.3.0100.O.FOPX.S1.L.1.I2 Flange
450 mm S1.B45.3.0450.O.FOPX.S1.L.1.I2 Flange
500 mm S1.B45.3.0500.O.FOPX.S1.L.1.I2 Flange
150 mm S1.B45.3.0150.O.FOPX.S1.L.1.I2 Flange
200 mm S1.B45.3.0200.O.FOPX.S1.L.1.I2 Flange
250 mm S1.B45.3.0250.O.FOPX.S1.L.1.I2 Flange
300 mm S1.B45.3.0300.O.FOPX.S1.L.1.I2 Flange
350 mm S1.B45.3.0350.O.FOPX.S1.L.1.I2 Flange
400 mm S1.B45.3.0400.O.FOPX.S1.L.1.I2 Flange


100mm length, Brass/ABS, G1, NC, DIN, Max 20 bar

Technical data

Current 0.5A/0.7A
Electrical connection DIN A 43650
Function N/O & N/C
IP class IP65
Length 100 mm
Manufacturer part no. S1.B45.3.0100.O.25GO.S1.L.1.I2
Material of connection Brass
Material of float SPANSIL
Material of seals NBR
Mounting Vertical
Pressure max 20 bar
Process connection G1
Specific gravity 0.35
Temperature operational max 105 °C
Voltage 300Vac/350Vdc

Measurements and connections


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