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DC Motor Control CMC14-15-16

  • 0-10 V, 4-20 mA or potentiometer inputs
  • 10 A continuous 20 A inrush current
  • Adjustable start/break ramps
  • DC motors up to 240 W
  • Variable speed

Product description

The CMC15 and CMC16 are control devices for DC motors. They permit operation in both directions, i.e. the direction of rotation can be reversed with the input signal. Alternatively, two motors can be operated in the same rotating direction.


The motor speed is set by :

CMC15   0-10V signal

CMC16   4-20mA signal


Part numbers

Parts Price Analogue input Input impedance, typ
0-10 V 55 kΩ
4-20 mA 190 kΩ


Comat Motor Controller Potentiometer

Technical data

Analogue input Potentiometer
Approvals CE, RoHS
Breaking capacity current 10 A
Connection area multiple conductors 2,5mm2
Inrush max 20 A
IP class IP20
Load voltage dc max 28 V
Load voltage dc min 8 V
Material Aluminium
Nominal voltage 12-24 V
Power consumption 12 V dc max 120 mW
Power consumption 24 V dc max 240 mW
Power consumption without load max 10 mA
Recommended humidity 10 till +95 % (ej kondenserande)
Resolution 8 Bit
Start ramp 0-2 s
Stop ramp 0-2 s
Storage temperature max 85 °C
Storage temperature min -40 °C
Switching capacity 240 W
Temperature operational max 60 °C
Temperature operational min -25 °C
Weight 80 g
Width 14 mm

Measurements and connections

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