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Joystick heads & contacts

  • Mounts in Ø22.5 mm hole
  • 2 or 4 way plus centre off
  • Stable or spring return
  • Centre position latched or unlatched

Product description

Joystick heads are available in 2 or 4 way, stable or spring return and with latched (button to release) or non latched centre off. All heads come with a 3 position contact holder clip but the M11 contact blocks must be ordered separately.


The joystick heads require a special contact block (M11) that has 2 x N/O electrical contacts. The contacts will always be open when the head is in the centre off position and will close respectively in each of 2 positions.


A 2 way joystick can have 1 or 2 x M11 contact blocks to achieve 1 or 2 separate closed contacts in each of the 2 positions respectively excluding the centre off position.


A 4 way joystick requires 2 x M11 contact blocks to achieve a separate closed contact in each of the 4 positions excluding the centre off position.


Part numbers

Parts Price Approvals Contact type Conventional free air thermal current Ith Function IP class Positions Protection class Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp (Overvoltage cat III - Pollution 3) Rated insulation voltage Ui Rated operating current Ie (AC15/380V) Rated operating current Ie (AC15/600V) Recommended tightening torque Temperature operational min
Spring return IP65 3 II -25 °C
Stable IP65 3 II -25 °C
Spring return IP65 3 II -25 °C
Stable IP65 3 II -25 °C
Spring return IP65 5 II -25 °C
Stable IP65 5 II -25 °C
Spring return IP65 5 II -25 °C
Stable IP65 5 II -25 °C
BV, CB, CCC, CE, UL 2 x N/O 10 A IP20 4 kV 690 V 2 A 1,2 A 0,9 Nm -30 °C


3- 5-positional joystick without lock

Joystick 2 Position Spring Return

Technical data

Climatic resistance - constant humid heat IEC 60068-2-3
Climatic resistance - cyclic damp heat IEC 60068-2-30
Climatic resistance - sea air IEC 60068-2-52
Function Spring return
IP class IP65
Positions 3
Protection class II
Storage temperature max 70 °C
Storage temperature min -40 °C
Temperature operational max 70 °C
Temperature operational min -25 °C


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