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Kuebler - Codix 531/532, 24x48mm

  • Measures and displays temperature in °C or °F
  • Five digits, 8 mm high
  • Min./max. values can be shown
  • Galvanic isolation

Product description

Codix 531: Temperature instrument for PT100 (2-, 3- and 4-wire connection) and Ni100.
Codix 532: Temperature instrument for thermocouples (type J, K and N, external or internal compensation for cold junction). Display and sensor type programmed with buttons in an easy-to-understand menu system. Compensation for cable resistance can be programmed (max. 20 ohm). The settings are saved in EEPROM (10 years), i.e. there is no battery in the instrument that needs to be changed.
The display can show the actual value, lowest value and highest value (selected with the right-hand button, can be reset). The instrument features a latch function; if input 4 is connected to a high control signal the display value freezes on the actual value. The display also shows sensor failure (Err 4).
An assembly bracket, bezel for the panel cut-out 25x50 mm, bezel for the panel cut-out 25x50 mm with screw holes, seal, self-adhesive labels for different units and a manual (English, German, French) are supplied with the instrument.





1. 10-30 V DC

1. 10-30 V DC

2. 0 V DC

2. 0 V DC

3. Latch

3. Latch

Connection. Image 2.


Part numbers

Parts Price Linearity Temperature range
< 0,2 % full scale PT100: -199 - 850°C, Ni100: -60 - 250°C
< 0.4 % full scale Typ J: 0 - 1200°C, K/N: -200 - 1300°C


Kubler Codix process display

CODIX 531 TEMP DISP 10-30Vdc

Technical data

Approvals CE, EMC, UL
Digit height 8 mm
Digital signal in No
IP class IP65
Linearity < 0,2 % full scale
Material Polycarbonate
Number colour Red
Number of digits 5
Operating voltage dc max 30 V
Operating voltage dc min 10 V
Panel size 24x48 mm
Polarity Yes
Storage temperature max 70 °C
Storage temperature min -25 °C
Temperature operational max 65 °C
Temperature operational min -20 °C
Temperature range PT100: -199 - 850°C, Ni100: -60 - 250°C
Weight 50 g


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