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Buffer module, 24 V dc with super capacitors, EDLC

  • Load current 15 A
  • 6 kWs to 12 kWs
  • Long buffer times
  • Maintenance
  • Long life

Product description

The buffer module is connected via 24 V dc unit. The capacitor bank consists of so-called supercapacitors EDLC (Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors), which has a very large storage capacity compared with the electrolyte. Pulse novel buffer module is an active circuit which ensures that the capacitors will not be charged with high voltage which gives a very long life.
It requires no maintenance as compared to a DC UPS where the batteries must be replaced at regular intervals. The temperature range of -40 to +60°C with the longevity do Buffer modules are suitable in a variety of applications, especially suitable where service and maintenance is costly. If 24 V dc voltage is lost or temporarily falls below 22.5 V dc buffer connected device automatically and bridge the shortfall without any temporary dips. Data can be saved and machines can be shut down in a safe and controlled manner. As soon as the 24 V dc power is restored starting capacitors to charge. The tension is constant 22.25 V dc during the entire buffer period, the voltage drops are not at the end of discharge, thus ensuring that the connected loads do not fall off.
Relay outputs provide signals on the following status:
Ready: The relay closes when the capacitors are fully charged, the input voltage is 24 V dc level.
Buffering: The relay closes when the capacitors are discharged, voltage interruption.
In addition there is an input,
Inhibit enabling shutdown of the buffer function using a 24 V dc signal.


Buffer times


A=UC10.241 6kWs. B=UC10.242 12 kWs


Buffering UC10.241 6kWs and UC10.242 12 kWs


Load current

UC10.241 6kWs

UC10.242 12 kWs

0.5 A

340 s

680 s

1 A

200 s

400 s

3 A

68 s

136 s

5 A

39 s

78 s

7 A

26 s

53 s

10 A

16.5 s

33 s

15 A

9 s

18 s



Number of variants matching filter 2/2 |

Part numbers

Parts Price MTBF (IEC 61709) Width Weight
854 000 h @ 15 A, 40 °C 126 mm 1,15 kg
850 000 h @ 15 A, 40 °C 198 mm 1,72 kg


DC UPS 24V dc I/P 24V dc 15A O/P 6kWs

Technical data

Input data

Input voltage from the unit 24 V DC
Input voltage for battery connection 22,8 V DC
Input current during charging 1,3 A

Output data

Output current in buffer mode max 15 A
Output current at 24 V dc 15 A
Output voltage normal operation 24 V DC
Output voltage at buffering 22,45 V DC
Output current during operation max 15 A

Efficiency / Lifetime / MTBF

Efficiency 97,8 %
Life span 96 000 h @ 15 A, 40 °C, 75%
MTBF (IEC 61709) 854 000 h @ 15 A, 40 °C


Width 126 mm
Height 124 mm
Depth 117 mm
Weight 1,15 kg


Approvals CB, CE, CSA, CSA US, EAC, EX, IECEx, UL
IP class IP20
Charging the battery type 1,1 A
Material protection Aluminium
Ripple max 30 mV pp
Voltage level for activating the buffer module 22,45 V DC
Temperature min without derating -40 °C
Temperature max without derating 60 °C
Type Power Supply Buffer Module
  • A = UC10.241 6kWs<br />B = UC10.242 12 kWs

    A = UC10.241 6kWs
    B = UC10.242 12 kWs


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