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Power supply 1-phase, 12 V dc Dimension Q Series

  • Output current of 15 A
  • Up to 92% efficiency
  • Only 60 mm wide
  • 100-240 VAC / 88-370 VDC

Product description

The most outstanding features of this Dimension Q Series DIN-rail power supply are the high efficiency and the small size, which are achieved by a synchronous rectification and further novel design details. The Q Series is part of the Dimension family, existing alongside the lower featured C-Series.

With short-term peak power capability of 150% and built-in large sized output capacitors, these features help start motors, charge capacitors and absorb reverse energy and often allow a unit of a lower wattage class to be used.

High immunity to transients and power surges as well as low electromagnetic emission makes usage in nearly every environment possible.

The integrated output power manager, a wide range input voltage design and virtually no input inrush current make installation and usage simple. Diagnostics are easy due to the dry DC-ok contact, a green DC-ok LED and red overload LED.

Unique quick-connect spring-clamp terminals allow a safe and fast installation and a large international approval package for a variety of applications makes this unit suitable for nearly every situation.


For a good cooling, we recommend a clearance of 40 mm over 20 mm below. We recommend 5 mm air gap to the sides (15 mm on the sides of adjacent product is a heat source).


Output characteristics

Power supply diagram



PSU 100-240V ac I/P 12V dc 15A 180W O/P

Technical data

Input data

Input voltage ac 100-240 V
Input voltage ac min 85 V AC
Input voltage ac max 276 V AC
Input voltage dc 110-150 V
Input voltage dc min 88 V DC
Input voltage dc max 187 V DC
Inrush current at 120 V ac typical 4 A
Inrush current at 230 V ac typical 7 A
Input voltage range Wide-range
Power factor at 120 V ac, full load. Typical 0,98
Power factor at 230 V ac, full load. Typical 0,92
Number of phases 1

Output data

Output voltage 12 V DC
Output voltage min 12 V DC
Output voltage max 15 V DC
Output current 15 A
Power 180 W

Efficiency / Lifetime / MTBF

Efficiency at 120 V ac, full load, typical 91,5 %
Efficiency at 230 V ac, typical 90,6 %
Efficiency at 230 V ac, full load, typical 91,8 %
Lifetime at 120 V ac, full load and +40 ° C 65000 h
Lifetime at 230 V ac, full load and +40 ° C 76000 h
MTBF (IEC 61709) 230 V ac, max load, 40 ° C 631000 h


Width 60 mm
Height 124 mm
Depth 117 mm
Weight 0,9 kg


Approvals ABS, CB, CE, CSA, EAC, GL, UL
Hold time at 120 V ac, typical full load 32 ms
Hold time at 230 V ac, typical full load 32 ms
IP class IP20
Clamp type Spring-clamp
Material protection Aluminium
Supply frequency 50-60 ±6 %
Ripple max 50 mV pp
Series Dimension Q
Power consumption 120 V ac 1,65 A
Power consumption 230 V ac 0,93 A
Power drop from +60 °C to + 70 °C 5 W/°C
Temperature min without derating -25 °C
Temperature max without derating 60 °C
Type Power Supply AC-DC
DC relay output Yes
Active Transient Yes


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