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Universal input digital panel meter for measurements of d.c. voltages, d.c. currents or temperature.

  • Universal Input (Programmable)
  • Wide voltage, AC/DC control
  • 3 Colour, 5 Digit display. Red, green and orange

Product description

The N20 meter is a digital programmable panel instrument destined for measurements of d.c. voltages or d.c. currents: uni or bipolar, temperature through thermocouples (J, K) and Pt100 resistance thermometers.

– three-colour display: red, orange, green, facilitating the observation of measured value changes,
– readout field: 5-digit LED, 14 mm digit height,
– 2 alarm outputs of OC type (4 types of alarms),
– signaling of alarm states through the highlight of the alarm index,
– housing protection level: IP 65,
– programming possibility of chosen meter parameters with the use of the PD14 programmer and free delivered LPConfig software:
- display colour, individually in three intervals,
- thresholds of displayed overflows
- display precision of the result (decimal point),
- highlight of the unit,
- automatic or manual temperature compensation of ends in measurements with thermocouples,
- averaging time of the measurement,
- two alarms of OC type operating in six working modes.
- recalculation of indications (individual characteristic),

Technical data

Measuring ranges



Measuring range of Un voltage:

-11...-10... 60...66 mV
-1...0... 10...11 V
-11...10... 10...11 V

input resistance > 1 MΩ

Measuring range of In current:

-1...0... 20...22 mA
3,6...4... 20...22 mA
- 22...- 20... 20...22 mA

input resistance 10Ω ± 1%
input resistance 10Ω ± 1%
input resistance 5Ω ± 1%

Temperature measurement through Pt100

- 50... 400°C
current flowing through the sensor < 300 mA

Resistance of wires connecting the resistance
thermometer to the meter

≤ 10Ω (of one wire)

Temperature measurement through thermocouple J

- 50... 1200°C

Temperature measurement through thermocouple K

- 50... 1370°C

Preheating time

30 min.

Intrinsic error (at manufacturer settings)

± (0.2% of the range + 1 digit)

Additional errors in rated operating conditions:

compensation of reference junction
temperature changes

± 0.2% of the range

compensation of wire resistance changes

± 0.2% of the range

from ambient temperature changes

± (0.1% of the range/10K)

Averaging time

± 0.5 s (1 s by default)

Alarm outputs

outputs of OC type (30 V, 20 mA),
passive outputs acc. EN 62053-31

Output to supply external transducers

24 V ± 5% 30 mA

Rated operating conditions:

supply voltage

85...253 V a.c. (45...65 Hz) or d.c. 20...40 V a.c. (45...65 Hz) or d.c.

ambient temperature

- 10...23...55ºC

storage temperature

- 25... + 85ºC

relative air humidity

< 95% (condensation inadmissible)

working position


Sustained overload capacity

measurement of voltage, current: 10%

Short duration overload capacity (3 s):

sensor inputs

30 V

voltage input

10 Un

current input

10 In

Readout field

5-digit three-colour LED displaydigit height: 14 mm,
colours: green, orange, red,
indication range: -19999...99999

Ensured protection level from frontal side

IP 65 acc. EN 60529


96 x 48 x 64 mm (with terminals)

Panel cut-out dimensions

92+0,6 x 45+0,6 mm


< 0.25 kg

Power consumption

< 6 VA

Electromagnetic compatibility:

noise immunity

acc. to EN 61000-6-2

noise emission

acc. to EN 61000-6-4

Safety requirements acc. to EN 61010-1:

isolation between circuits


installation category


pollution degree


maximal phase-to-earth working voltage


for supply circuit

300 V (at supply 85... 253 V)

for measuring input

50 V

for input destined for programming

50 V

altitude above sea level

< 2000 m


Ordering information

Please refer to the image below for ordering information.


Number of variants matching filter 18/18 |

Part numbers

Parts Price Input type Number of digits Power consumption Supply voltage
PT100: -50-400°C 5 85-253V ac/dc
PT100: -50-400°C 6 VA 20-40V ac/dc
Thermocouple J: -50-1200°C 6 VA 85-253V ac/dc
Thermocouple J: -50-1200°C 6 VA 20-40V ac/dc
Thermocouple K: -50-1200°C 6 VA 85-253V ac/dc
Thermocouple K: -50-1200°C 6 VA 20-40V ac/dc
0-20mA 6 VA 85-253V ac/dc
0-20mA 6 VA 20-40V ac/dc
4-20mA 6 VA 85-253V ac/dc
4-20mA 6 VA 20-40V ac/dc
±20mA 6 VA 85-253V ac/dc
±20mA 6 VA 20-40V ac/dc
0-60mV 6 VA 85-253V ac/dc
0-60mV 6 VA 20-40V ac/dc
0-10V 6 VA 85-253V ac/dc
0-10V 6 VA 20-40V ac/dc
±10V 6 VA 85-253V ac/dc
±10V 5 6 VA 20-40V ac/dc


Panel Meter, 2 x OC outputs, Pt100 input, 85-230V ac

Technical data

Digit height 14 mm
Dimensions 96 x 48 x 64 mm Panel cut-out: 92+0,6 45+0,6 mm
Display Yes
Input type PT100: -50-400°C
IP class IP65
Mounting Panel mount
Number of digits 5
Number of rows 1
Supply voltage 85-253V ac/dc
Type Without unit,V,A,mV,kV,MV,mA,kA,MA,°C,°F,K,Hz,kHz,Ah,kAh,m/s,µm,mm,cm,m,km,I,I/s,I/h,ms,s,h,N,kN,Pa,hpa,kPa,Mpa,bar,rad,Ω,kΩ,%,°,turns,rps,rpm,rph,m/h,km/h,imp
Weight 0,25 kg


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