EVolution EMC Cable Glands for Electric Vehicles

Agro have named their new cable gland ‘EVolution’ and they have done exactly that with their new EVolution EMC cable glands. The electromobility market is in for a treat, as the new EMC technology can now satisfy all electromobility needs!

In previous years, EMC cable glands on the market would manage to fulfil a number of requirements, but it was particularly hard to achieve success in each area of electromobility. AGRO have been focusing on the electromobility market closely and developed their EMC technology to create the new EVolution EMC cable gland.

The introduction of modern electric drive trains and various components in the high-voltage vehicle electrical system, increased demand for a better EMC solution…

Public transport, mobile machinery, agricultural vehicles and even yachts and ships are some of the vehicles which will potentially transition to CO2-neutral drive systems, hybrid or fully electric.


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