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Linearmech - linear actuator SAM

  • Supplied as bare unit to accept customer specific motor.
  • Various motor mounts available
  • Up to 1500 mm/s
  • Load capacity up to 46kN in push or pull
  • 12 to 40mm ball screw

Product description

Linearmech electromechanical servo-actuators with brushless servomotors are a powerful alternative to the use of pneumatic cylinders in case of high dynamics (high speed, acceleration and deceleration, frequent back and forth repeated cycles), precise positioning and high electrical efficiency.


Modular structure

In-line or parallel design configuration

7 different standard sizes available
Ball screw from Ø 12 mm a Ø 40 mm
Load capacity up to 46 kN
Linear speed up to 1.500 mm/s

This SAM version offers the mechanics from Linearmechsupplied with a customized motor interface and coupling to accept specific motors from leading manufacturers - selected by the customer


Available with in line or parallel motor mount kits..


Optional accessories:
Electric limit switches
Incremental or absolute encoder
Wide range of fixing elements (ISO standards 15552)


Also available with a complete servomotor package or the mechanical linear unit only can be easily interfaced with the servomotors of the main brands on trade. (SA model)

Parts Price



Technical data

Duty cycle 100 %
Force max 46000 N
Speed max 1500 m/s


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