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Rotek - Rosync AC motor

  • 1→3 phase, 24V→400Vac, 50/60Hz, 20→85W, 12→54Ncm, 1500→1800rpm
  • 65mm Ø
  • Constant speed
  • Short start-up and stopping times
  • Extremely compact and efficient (up to 90%)

Product description


ROSYNC - Extremely compact and efficient


ROSYNC motors offer maximum performance coupled with low power consumption. The secret of their great efficiency lies in the GreenDrive Technology they employ. The patented stator geometry and ultra-modern magnetic materials used ensure outstanding efficiency.

> as a single-phase AC motor up to 75%

> as a three-phase AC motor up to more than 90%

These properties are particularly important where long running periods are required, for instance in conveyor belts. The high performance-to-size ratio makes them ideal for use where space is limited.

ROSYNC motors meet today’s demands for efficient use of energy and won the regional

environment award. In comparison with conventional single-phase synchronous motors they offer up to 40% more output power. As a three-phase motor they even offer up to 3 times more performance for the same size. This translates as maximum performance and efficiency for an astonishingly good price.

The speed depends only on the mains frequency, and is not influenced by voltage or load fluctuations. This constant speed is a big advantage in applications where a constant volume flow is desirable, or where a defined distance has to be covered within a specific time.

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Part numbers

Parts Price Capacitor Current Input Output Rated torque Supply voltage options
120 μF 1250/1300 mA 30/31 VA 20/22 W 13/12 Ncm 24 V AC
5.2 μF 260/270 mA 30/31 VA 20/22 W 13/12 Ncm 115 V AC
1.3 μF 130/135 mA 30/31 VA 20/22 W 13/12 Ncm 1x230 V AC
- 175/150 mA 70/60 VA 50/47 W 32/25 Ncm 3x230 V AC
- 100/85 mA 70/60 VA 50/47 W 32/25 Ncm 3x400 V AC
180 μF 2100/2300 mA 51/55 VA 36/40 W 23/21 Ncm 24 V AC
8 μF 440/480 mA 51/55 VA 36/40 W 23/21 Ncm 115 V AC
2 μF 220/240 mA 51/55 VA 36/40 W 23/21 Ncm 1x230 V AC
- 350/300 mA 140/120 VA 85/72 W 54/38 Ncm 3x230 V AC
- 200/175 mA 140/120 VA 85/72 W 54/38 Ncm 3x400 V AC


1~24Vac, 50/60Hz, 1500/1800rpm, 13.0/12.0Ncm

Technical data

Capacitor 120 μF
Current 1250/1300 mA
Diameter 65 mm
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Input 30/31 VA
Insulation class F 155°C
IP class IP40, IP55
Output 20/22 W
Rated torque 13/12 Ncm
Shaft diameter 5 mm
Speed 1500/1800 rpm
Supply voltage options 24 V AC
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