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Mammoth enclosures

  • Robust enclosure, max. camera size up to 90x150mm
  • Maximum lens diameter 90mm in profile, 78mm in front lid
  • Inner length 199mm (M), 259mm (L) and 309mm (XL)
  • Excellent heat dissipation, IP65 rated
  • Wide selection of accessories available for mounting and maintenance

Product description

Enclosure Configurator


The Mammoth enclosure protects large MV-cameras of up to 90 x 150mm cross section, for instance larger line scan or thermal cameras (Dalsa Spyder, e2V_ELiiXA, Flir A600 series and more). It is available with 180, 250 and 300mm internal length. As with other dovetail enclosures, the camera mounts in any position so the front lens can always be placed right behind the front window. Dovetail adapters on two enclosure sides make the Mammoth compatible to autoVimation's Machine-Vision Construction Kit.


autoVimation offers a wide selection of enclosures to suit even the most specific requirements. To find a suitable enclosure please see the Enclosure Configurator (link above) or contact OEM Finland sales team for additional info!


Part numbers

Parts Price Height Max camera height
113 mm 90 mm
62 mm 62 mm


Mammoth M, 3", rear wall C (29x<150mm)

Technical data

Enclosure material Pulverlackerad aluminium
Height 113 mm
Inner length 189 mm
IP class IP65
Length 207 mm
Max camera height 90 mm
Max camera width 150 mm
Max connector size 26,5 mm
Max lens diameter 90 mm
Weight 2300 g
Width 173 mm
Window seal EPDM

Measurements and connections


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