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Datalogic - MATRIX 300N™ 2MP Compact

High performance 1D/2D

  • High-res 2 MP image sensor
  • Upto 45fps
  • High power and diffuse lighting
  • Ethernet 10/100: Ethernet IP, TCP/IP, UDP, FTP, MODBUS TCP , RS232/RS422/RS485 On-board PROFINET-IO as standard

Product description

Further enhancing the Matrix 300N range the Matrix 300N 2MP has outstanding performance and the smallest form factor in the industry.

With its compact dimensions and rotting connectors the Mtrix 300N 2MP can be easily integrated into the tightest spaces. IP65 and IP 67 protection and operating temperature from 0°C to 45°C guarantee quality and robustness in manufacturing industry applications. Cost effective communication options are available, onboard PROFINET IO and Ethernet/IP industrial fieldbus.


With liquid lens for electronic adjustable focus, new intergrated high power illuminators and 2 megapixel resolution sensor, the Matrix 300N 2MP is the ideal solution for automotive, electronics, intralogistics, packaging applications and much more.


Easy remote focus change and extreme reading flexibility is possible with the electronic focus control on both 9mm and 16mm focal length models.


The high power polarized illuminator is the ideal solution for reading on reflective or glossy surfaces, and allows extreme mounting flexibility since the reader can be mounted 90° to the target surface. Furthermore, the new high power 10 LEDs illuminator is suitable for long range reading, the multi LED-chain illuminator with diffuser is also really effective in Direct Part Marking (DPM) code reading on flat surface with machining flaw.


To avoid disturbing the operator when the reader is used in presentation mode the Continuous High Power Mode (CHPM) light option is now available to eliminate flickering.


With unmatched ease of use and setup the Matrix 300N 2MP offers the green and red spot lights, the X-Press™ button, the intuitive HMI, the aiming-system and the DL.CODE™ configuration software which has been improved with the Automatic Setup mode for a quick and easy code reading.

Part numbers

Parts Price


2MP LQL-9mm, Red Wide LED, STD (937600167)

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