Thinking about a pigging system for your production line?

We tell you the basics in a quick overview. 

First things first: what is a pigging system?

Pigging refers to ‘pipeline inspection gauges’. It’s a way of performing cleaning, inspection and other maintenance on a pipeline without shutting down for long periods. It’s a fully integrated in-line system. 

How does pigging work?

Devices called ‘pigs’ are moved, using the pressure-driven flow of the product in the pipeline, from an in-line launching station to the stop station. Many systems are bi-directional, sending the pig back to the launching station. 
Watch how a CIP (clean in place) pigging system works on a beverage production line in this 3D animated video produced by Definox, specialists in pigging systems. 

Where would you find a pigging system?

Pigging has been used for many years in the oil and gas industry. It is now also used in many continuous and batch process plants using and producing liquids and semi-liquids:
  • food and drink: from dairy products to jam to chocolate
  • cosmetics and perfume
  • personal care products such as toothpaste, shampoo and shower gel
  • cleaning products such as laundry and detergent
  • pet food
  • paint 

What are the benefits of investing in a pigging system?


  • It minimises waste of raw materials, recovering up to 95%.


  • It reduces consumption of energy, water and cleaning agent.


  • Production is streamlined as the pigging system is an integral part of the pipeline.
  • Production switch between batches is fast, straightforward and easy, giving optimal line availability.
  • Production rate is increased.


  • There is integrated inline cleaning of the pig.
  • It minimises the risk of cross contamination between products.


  • Safety devices are standard.

  • Opening the inlet station is secure and mechanical.
  • Maintenance is simple. 

Our line is already running. We can’t start again from scratch.

Pigging systems are easy to implement on existing lines.

How much investment is required for a pigging system?

Costs vary according to each system. Each one is built to order which ensures it meets your requirements. To find out the cost and ROI of the Definox STARMOTION pigging system, fill out your requirements here: 
In general, you will see a return on your investment in less than a year.

Are you thinking of installing a pigging system into your production line?

The pressure and flow team at OEM Automatic have a wealth of knowledge and experience. They would be glad to help you find a pigging solution for your requirements and calculate your ROI.
The product specialists will help you with all aspects of your pigging project and are on hand to answer any questions you may have along the way. 
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