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OEM stocks Datalogic’s Smart-VS™, a device with the power of machine learning and the ease of photoelectric sensors

Datalogic’s innovative Smart-VS can classify objects as well as complex vision systems do but uses simple photoelectric sensors and is easy to configure.

Smart-VS is the perfect solution when you need to check the presence or absence of objects such as caps, labels or prints on a filling line with any kind of bottle, flask or jar. It can also check object orientation, regardless of material, colour, dimensions or format.

Smart-VS is ideally suited for use in the food & beverage and pharmaceutical & cosmetics industries, processing and packaging machinery, bottling lines, and intralogistics. Its versatility and flexibility also make it very useful in other markets, such as transportation, sorting and handling lines, automotive quality inspection and automatic assembly of mechanical or electronic parts.

Advantages of Smart-VS

Rapid and intuitive set-up. There is a rapid and intuitive set-up procedure, using the Datalogic Machine Learning Assisted Easy Setup. This eliminates the need for specialised training and expertise from installers, technicians or operators, and also for lengthy and expensive configurations.

User-friendly GUI. Smart-VS can also be set up and controlled remotely through a user-friendly web server Graphical User Interface (GUI) and a simple Ethernet connection. The GUI provides real-time statistics on readings from the production line, and smart functions like job data bank and detection with multiple images.

Stable and reliable. Smart-VS is stable and reliable in accomplishing detection tasks. It swiftly identifies ‘good’ and ‘not good’ conditions, thanks to its customisable and machine learning algorithms. 

Same high response rate. Once set up and operating, Smart-VS always delivers the same high response rate, despite noisy backgrounds, poor lighting, low contrast parts, challenging material and variation in object positioning. 

Deterministic response time. Another measure of reliability. Smart-VS will produce a result within a known period of time.  

Low TCO. Smart-VS increases productivity and can take the place of complex vision sensor systems. This results in a remarkably low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 

Easy to integrate. The sturdy metal IP67 housing has very compact dimensions so customers are able to integrate Smart-VS into production lines easily and cost effectively.

Product news

Smart-VS is successful 

Smart-VS is successful in checking all these main applications: 
  • presence of label 
  • presence of cap 
  • cap with a logo
  • gold cap
  • security seal in a can 
  • cap orientation 
  • bottle orientation 
  • presence of drinking straw
  • printing and overprinting
  • orientation of cookies
  • presence of patient information leaflet
  • verification of completeness of blister pack

Smart-VS is also successful in detecting the presence of transparent or holographic anti-tampering closing sealing labels, frequently used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. It is adaptable to any type of seal format, whatever the colour and surface type of the sealing label and its background. This is an area where more expensive application sensors for detection of glare, true colour or luminescence can fail but Smart-VS is successful.

For more information or to order the Smart-VS contact our Sensors & Safety Team: [email protected], alternatively use the link below to see more product information.

Datalogic Smart-vs

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