Sony machine vision FCB block cameras and Twiga interface boards

Sony FCB Block cameras together with Twiga Interface Boards

If you are looking for block cameras with superb image quality, excellent low light image quality and high dynamics, the Sony FCB range will suit you.

Sony FCB block cameras are most useful in surveillance applications for any monitoring applications, from sports to traffic management. Some other popular applications for the FCB range include the entertainment, inspection, medical and video conferencing or broadcasting industries. 

The Sony FCB range is also suitable for security purposes due to its nighttime and low light capturing abilities.

Sony EV

Sony EV is the original block camera from which the 4K has been developed. The Sony EV camera range features minimum illumination and high-fidelity images at night and in low light environments. Capturing images at night and in low light has always been a problem to solve and the Sony EV fulfils this due to the built-in optical zoom and back-illuminated CMOS sensor.

With 30x optical zoom and a wide dynamic range, it is easy to obtain images in the dark. The visibility enhancer makes the darker parts of the image lighter and automatically corrects the lightness and contrast. Perfect for all-day monitoring and environments with complex lighting situations.

Sony 4K – An inherited EV

This Sony model is simply the Sony EV but captures 4K footage. The Sony FCB 4K block camera has a resolution four times clearer than a full HD camera. The camera supports 4k videos in 8 formats from HD to 4K.

Alongside the 4k image resolution, the compact block cameras have 12x optical and digital zoom. Here are some of the features of the Sony 4K block camera:

  • Compact size, suitable for space-restricted applications
  • Low power consumption
  • High resolution and fast frame rates
  • Noise reduction (2D/3D)
  • Wide range of modes/adjustment options


If you are required to convert the video signals from any of the SONY camera ranges mentioned above, the TWIGA interface boards are a fantastic easy solution.  

Twiga have created a range of interface boards specifically for use with the Sony camera ranges. One example is the Twiga 4K to USB3 interface board designed for the Sony 4K camera blocks.  This interface board is a high-performance video capture module that allows you to capture uncompressed video streams. 

The Twiga interface boards work by improving the signal of the 4K camera to provide optimum image quality. Installation won’t affect the mechanical integration; all that’s required is fixing the interface board at the top or bottom of the Sony cameras. 

The Twiga interface boards have been added to OEMs’ product range this year. Twiga specialises in interface boards for a wide range of cameras and applications.

Twiga manufacture high-definition video processing hardware for equipment manufacturers and system integrators, specialising in HD video acquisition. 

View the Twiga interface board options. 


Please contact [email protected] to find out more information about the Sony FCB block camera and Twiga interface boards. We can help to tailor the camera to the specific application you require.

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