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Line scan applications become more accurate, higher in resolution, and concentrated with our new powerful LED line lights

EFFI-line3 is a new version of the LED line light focused on short and long range line scan inspection applications; designed and manufactured by Effilux.

OEM Automatic now offers this new version and can work with you to develop your line scan production.

About Line Lights

Often used with line scan cameras to build intensity of light, LED line lights are designed to be used with line lights for short and long range line scanning inspection. 

What is line scanning?

In production, line scanning is used to monitor, detect, and identify objects in a linear direction. Lighting is enormously useful because the camera and lighting are arranged in such a way that the camera is at the reflection angle of the lighting, this way, the object that is getting scanned has the most efficient outcome.

Product news

Use EFFI-line3 for clear focus of objects and light 

The EFFI-Line3 has excellent collimation, which makes it effective over a wide range of working distances.

You can adjust the Effi-Line3 line light to fit your application's requirements.

This image demonstrates how the EFFILine3 light works with the camera in different ways depending on what the requirements are.

Effilux Line Light directional and backlight example

What applications can I use line light for?

EFFILUX high uniformity LED line lights can be used in conjunction with line scan cameras for line scan inspection applications such as:

  • Web inspections (such as films, paper, cotton, textiles)
  • Sorting & packaging (such as refuse, postal mail, foodstuffs, packaging)
  • Transport-related applications (such as underfloor, rail, overhead line, and container inspections)
  • Large area continuous web applications: paper, textiles, wood, etc
  • High speed inspections for printing industry
  • Code reading: QR codes, barcodes, etc. Inspection of transparent and/or reflective objects: film, glass, metal, coated surface, solar panels
  • Inspection of transparent and/or reflective objects: film, glass, metal, coated surface, solar panels

How EFFI-line 3 is better?

  • It is versatile; efficient over a wide range of working distances with scalable power and homogeneity according to the needs
  • Adjustable output power - with its POWER version (up to 1.2 million Lux)
  • Robust design so the Effi-Line3 can be used in rough environment applications
  • IP67 version possible without any physical modification of the product and keeps all its performances
Available sizes: 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, ... up to 3m!


EFFILUX designs and manufactures powerful technical LED lighting systems for machine vision, quality control, scientific imaging, biomedical and any optical measuring device.

Effilux has used all its 13 years of experience in the field of machine vision to design a versatile and easy-to-use light that has all the qualities required for linear applications.

With machine vision LED lighting designed to easily adapt in the field and highly robust in design, EFFILUX are revolutionising with their interchangeable lens and filter solutions.

Do you think your application could benefit from these new LED line lights?

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