Photoneo is known as an expert in bin picking and its patented 3D technology

Introducing Photoneo - Robotic Intelligence and 3D vision

Photoneo’s mission is to provide robots with eyes, not only to see but also to understand.

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We have some exciting news for you.

Photoneo is now available in the UK through OEM Automatic. With machine vision expertise and a track record of success within the OEM Automatic Group, Photoneo is well-positioned to provide the UK market with state-of-the-art 3D vision and robotic intelligence solutions.

Photoneo is a renowned global player in the field of 3D vision and robotic intelligence.

Why OEM Automatic is the perfect partner for Photoneo 

OEM offers a complete solution, delivering not just Photoneo products to the UK market but a host of services such as:

Technical advice

  • Initial needs analysis
  • In-house testing procedure
  • Established technical advice
  • Technical ability with in-house engineers
  • Guidance on product selection 

Logistical benefits

  • Efficient logistics with our centrally located warehouse in Leicester
  • Stock and call off options such as scheduled delivery and order call offs 

Photoneo’s excellence 

Photoneo is known as an expert in bin picking and its patented 3D technology, which allowed them to create the highest resolution and accuracy 3D camera.

By harnessing advanced algorithms and sensor technologies, Photoneo enables machines to see and understand the surrounding environment with exceptional precision and speed.

Whether it's for quality control, pick-and-place applications, bin picking, or robot guidance, Photoneo's products provide reliable and accurate results, revolutionising the way machines interact with their surroundings.

Our Photoneo range

Our portfolio includes intelligent 3D cameras, versatile 3D scanners, and powerful AI-driven software.

These solutions can be seamlessly integrated into existing automation setups or used as standalone devices, offering flexibility.

Product news


Photoneo PhoXi 3D scanner, MotionCam-3D and Alpha 3D scanner

Using several projecting laser patterns, Photoneo scanners deliver a 3D image, or a so-called Point Cloud, with unbeatable image quality. Photoneo's API (Application Programming Interface) makes it easy to communicate with the scanner and import Point Clouds into an application.

Available in five models with scanning volume from 130x100x60 mm up to 2400x1800x2200 mm.

Photoneo's Localization C++ SDK

The Photoneo Localization tool makes it easy to get exact coordinates for pickable objects in just a few steps.

The applications that can benefit from Photoneo's technology are vast and varied. For instance, in the manufacturing industry, their 3D vision systems can ensure precise assembly, streamline quality control processes, and optimise material handling.

Photoneo is known as an expert in bin picking and its patented 3D technology
Photoneo is known as an expert in bin picking and its patented 3D technology

3D Software

Bin Picking Studio

The Bin Picking Studio is a robotic intelligence software that works with robots to set up the picking process.

Locator Studio

The Locator Studio is useful for de-racking applications or the handling of oriented / semi oriented objects. It is a robotic intelligence software with an intuitive UX/UI design and can work with any industrial robot or manipulator.

Anypick Module / Depalletisation

Created for logistics, the depalletiser enables fast and reliable deployments. This is an AI powered universal depalletiser.

Layer Pick Module / Delayering

Delayering is a system that speeds up logistics and warehouse processes. The Photoneo Delayering tool rapidly grabs any top layer regardless of the goods or pallet size.

Logistics and warehousing automation

In logistics and warehousing, Photoneo's solutions facilitate efficient order fulfillment, accurate inventory management, and intelligent object detection.

Moreover, its technology finds applications in agriculture, healthcare, security, and many other sectors where automation and perception capabilities are essential for increased productivity and improved decision-making.

As the market demands more advanced automation capabilities, you can rely on Photoneo's range of products to transform machines into intelligent and perceptive systems.

By embracing Photoneo's technology, you unlocks a whole new level of efficiency, accuracy, and innovation in their automation processes.

To learn more about our range, email [email protected] or call 0116 284 9900.


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