Superior speed, small camera size, compatible components and cost-effective - these are the main features of Basler’s 5GIGE solutions. Read on to learn how.

You can upgrade an existing GigE system to 5GigE easily*.

Upgrading to 5Gige solutions give you higher throughput for applications within factory automation, agriculture, sports and motion analysis.

Core competencies of the 5GigE range:

  • The familiar small format
  • 5x the speed
  • Compatible with all hardware and software components 

*Computer interface must be at least 5 GigE

The Basler 5GigE range explained


Ace 2 Basic with 5GigE interface 


Basler premium lenses C23 and C115

PC cards 

For connecting the cameras to host PC. N-Base-T 10 GigE interface card 1


GigE cables are available in up to 50 meters for error-free transmission of image data.

I/O cable up to 10 meters for precise control of the camera or system. 


The Pylon Camera Software Suite enhanced GigE version, overarching SDK for seamless integration of all components

Additional accessories include network and peripheral devices, tripod connection, mount adapters, and trigger boards – all for use with new 5GigE camera versions. 

More about the Ace 2 with 5GigE 

The Ace 2 Basic camera is the centerpiece of Basler's new 5GigE portfolio.

6 models are equipped with Sony's 4th generation Pregius S CMOS sensors IMX540, IMX541 and IMX542 for high resolutions of 24, 20 and 16 megapixels.

Six other models with IMX545, IMX546 and IMX547 sensors offer medium resolutions of 12, 8 and 5 megapixels. Both available in mono and colour. 

You can smoothly replace and upgrade the camera in your vision system due to this 5GigE interface which includes an unchanged small format.

If any of the 5GigE solutions described above are of interest to you, you can speak to one of our machine vision experts about it. 

You can also book a free demo!

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