Vertikal Days Review

It was amazing to see all the cranes out and back in action at Vertikal Days this year!

After a long time away from exhibiting, our machine vision team had a blast at the Peterborough Showground, showcasing some of our machine vision products suitable for use on heavy moving vehicles.

One of the interactive parts of our stand included the Orlaco Load-View and Wide-angle Digital Emos camera, set up with small TV’s showing the camera in real-time action. Visitors were certainly intrigued to see how far the Load-View camera could zoom in!


Although Orlaco were not able to be physically part of the show, we certainly felt their presence.

Orlaco provides reliable and robust camera and radar-based monitoring systems which aim to improve visibility whilst operating heavy vehicles. These systems help vehicle users to view loads, tooling, trailers, and blind spots.

Focusing on improving safety and increasing productivity, Orlaco systems are relevant for the Vertikal Days exhibition, solely focusing on heavy moving vehicles in the construction industry.

Daniel Gent, sales manager for OEMs' machine vision team describes Vertikal Days:

"Exhibiting at Vertikal Days was our first look at exhibitions post Covid-19 restrictions, we went with an open mind and unsure of what was to come. Vertikal Days was our chance to exhibit Orlaco cameras for the crane industry, a 'Vertical market' we have already seen some success but felt it was somewhere we could add a lot of value with our product offering.

We exhibited 2 cameras, first was our Wide-angled Digital Emos camera which can be used as part of the Orlaco' Corner Eye' or '360' systems. Second, was the Orlaco' Load View' camera with zoom capabilities and auto-focus and used mainly as a boom camera. The Load View camera seemed to be very popular throughout the show.

We were pleasantly surprised with the number of visitors and the general 'buzz' of being at the exhibition! We felt the show ran excellently and as a team thoroughly enjoyed the time spent at Vertikal Days."

OEM had success at Vertikal Days, mainly due to its niche and specialised audience. We hope that visitors had an interest in our cameras for the use of their heavy moving vehicles.

Our machine vision team are on hand to help with any enquiries, email [email protected] or call +44(0)116 284 9900.

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