Machine vision at its simplest – a talk by Anthony Williams, Product Manager for machine vision

At the UKIVA exhibition, Machine Vision specialist Anthony delivered a presentation on simple machine vision applications. If you missed it, keep reading below. 

Machine vision doesn’t have to be complicated

OEM offers a wide range of machine vision equipment. If you are new to the technology, you may benefit from reading the below article, which explores how quickly a simple machine vision application can be set up and used.

Most people have simple requirements that require robust and straightforward solutions. An example of this is a bottle cap orientation and position application. 

Detecting the bottle cap is closed

Using our OEM water bottle, Anthony demonstrates detecting whether the bottle cap is open or closed using the Datasensing Smart Vision Sensor.

The solution implemented will most likely depend on:

  • Familiarity
  • In-house capability
  • Cost or perceived cost
  • Is it robust?
  • Reliability

A simple solution

The simplest solution is to use a photoelectric sensor, combined with Opto-proximity and background suppression, mounted above the opening using simple digital I/O back to PLC. Using this solution is the most simple way to detect the bottle cap.

An even better solution: Smart vs sensor

A better solution to detecting the bottle caps would be to use a smart sensor. The Datasensing (formerly Datalogic) Smart VS Sensor is a simple solution ideal for this kind of application.

The smart VS sensor is one small self-contained unit with the following features:

  • Working Distance from 50 to 150 mm
  • Output: NPN, PNP, Push/Pull
  • Operating voltage: 10 to 30 V DC
  • Configured with a computer or one button

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How does the smart VS sensor work?

Watch the videos below to see how the smart VS sensor works for the bottle cap application. 

  1. You can either configure using a single button, a combination of key presses, digital I/O or connect to a computer
  2. Enter the IP address into the web browser and run the set-up wizard
  3. Automatically sets up the image with exposure and focus in less than a minute
  4. Teach three as good
  5. Teach three as bad
6. In monitor mode, see results
7. Feed-back to PC vis digital I/O
8. Detects if bottle cap properly shut

Extend further with the Smart VS camera

The smart VS camera is more flexible, powerful, and simple to set up.

  • The working distance is configurable
  • The output is push/pull
  • The operating voltage is 10 to 30 V dc
  • Configured with a computer

How the Smart VS sensor can work for your requirements


With OEM Automatic, we can assist with any queries and deliver solutions for your requirements. We deal with many different applications, so our technical team can advise, and our installation partners guarantee this.

In-house capability

We are not just a distributor of components. We can simplify the process and guide you through your application, from product selection to finding a system integrator.


This simple solution provided above is not as expensive as you may think, ask for a quotation.


The smart VS sensor and camera are designed for industrial use.


You can rely on us to align with any issues and conduct additional inspections of the product.

Are you interested in this simple solution or want to find another machine vision solution? Email [email protected] or call 0116 284 9900

UKIVA 2022 was a blast!

We would like to thank everyone who came to visit the OEM Automatic stand at UKIVA in 2022. The exhibition is a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest machine vision technology from market leaders. We hope to see you there in 2023. 

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