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Datalogic - S85 - Distance sensor

  • Measuring range up to 20m
  • Analog output 4-20 mA or 0-10 V
  • 2 digital outputs
  • RS485 on advanced models
  • IP67 industrial metal housing

Product description


The S85 series is Datalogic’s innovative line of LASER distance sensors based on Time of Flight technology. It can perform high-precision and long distance measurement without the use of a prismatic reflector, as well as background and foreground suppression functions.


The Class 2 highly-focused laser and the innovative integrated software make the S85 series ideal for applications that require extremely precise measurement, offering 7mm of accuracy for distances up to 20m, with 1mm of resolution and 1mm of repeatability.


The basic model (S85-MH-5-Y03-...) measures distances up to 10m and can be simply set through user-friendly push-buttons. The basic model features an M12 5-pole standard connector with analogue and digital outputs that provide distance and the object detection.


The advanced model (S85-MH-5-Y13-...) measures distances up to 20m and is easily programmable through a keyboard and display. In addition to the analogue and digital outputs, the S85 advanced model is equipped with an RS485 serial interface.

This series is designed in a sturdy metal housing, and can be easily mounted on industrial vehicles and machinery with its dedicated mounting bracket.




• Time of Flight technology

• Class 2, visible red LASER for an easy alignment with the target

• Distance measurement ranging from 10m or 20m in the advanced model

• 1mm resolution, 7mm accuracy, 1mm repeatability

• 4-20 mA or 0-10 V scalable analogue output and 2 digital outputs

• RS485 serial interface in the advanced model

• Standard M12 connector

• IP67 industrial metal housing




• Automated warehousing

• Processing and Packaging machinery

• Industrial vehicles

• Automotive



Part numbers

Parts Price Distance max Electrical connection Output Reaction time
20000 mm M12 8-pin connector NPN, PNP, Push/Pull 15 ms
10000 mm M12 5-pole connector 0-10V, NPN, PNP, Push/Pull 30 ms
20000 mm M12 8-pin connector 0-10V, 4-20 mA, NPN, PNP, Push/Pull 15 ms
10000 mm M12 5-pole connector 4-20 mA, NPN, PNP, Push/Pull 30 ms


Datalogic S85  distance application sensor

951511040 Distance Sensor 20m RS485 with Display

Technical data

Approvals CE, UL
Dimension (mm) 60 x 72 x 37
Distance max 20000 mm
Distance min 200 mm
Electrical connection M12 8-pin connector
Function Dark on / Light on
IP class IP67
LED indicator Yes
Lens material PMMA
Light type Red laser
Material of body Zinc Alloy
Output NPN, PNP, Push/Pull
Output current max 0,1 A
Photocell technology Distance measuring laser
Reaction time 15 ms
Storage temperature max 70 °C
Storage temperature min -25 °C
Supply voltage 24 V DC
Temperature operational max 50 °C
Temperature operational min -15 °C
Weight 250 g


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