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Datalogic - S67 - Distance Sensor

  • Sturdy metal Die-cast zinc IP67 housing.
  • Resolution of 10um @ 50mm.
  • Linearity error of +/-0,03mm @ 50mm range.
  • 0-10V and 4-20mA Analogue models

Product description

The new Datalogic S67 family is a very precise and reliable micrometric distance laser sensor series.


The S67 is supplied in a sturdy and compact metal case with a robust and rotatable M12 5poles connector to ensure a reliable distance sensing and a very easy installation.


The clear and easy user interface will make the commissioning and sensor set-up very easy and precise, suitable for any field operator fulfilling any application requirements for precise measurement and accurate object positioning .


Thanks to its accurate, precise and very bright laser spot the S67 allows very accurate installations, detecting very small parts as well. The embedded measuring algorithm and the high sensitivity photodiode array enables the sensor to work accurately regardless of color and different target surface types and target surface reflectivity.




  • Automotive Industries
  • Textile and Paper Industries
  • Wood Industries
  • General Packaging Industries
  • Metal tooling
  • Assembly lines
  • Mechanical engineering and Special machinery

Part numbers

Parts Price Distance max Distance min Output
300 mm 50 mm 4-20 mA
300 mm 50 mm 0-10V
600 mm 100 mm 4-20 mA
600 mm 100 mm 0-10V


956271000 Distance sensor 50-300mm 4-20mA

Technical data

Approvals CE, UL
Dimension (mm) 20.6 x 65 x 50
Distance max 300 mm
Distance min 50 mm
Electrical connection M12 5-pole connector
IP class IP67
LED indicator Yes
Lens material Glass
Light type Red laser
Material of body Die cast metal
Output 4-20 mA
Photocell technology Distance measuring laser
Power consumption max 0,1 A
Reaction time 0,9 ms
Storage temperature max 70 °C
Storage temperature min -25 °C
Supply voltage 12-28 V DC
Temperature operational max 50 °C
Temperature operational min 0 °C
Type of light Laser
Weight 180 g

Measurements and connections


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