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Datalogic - Protective housing SG-IP69K

  • IP69K protective housing
  • Available for heights 150–1800 mm
  • Installation by user

Product description

Datalogic SG-IP69K protective housing is a PMMA acrylic tube to protect and seal light curtains of SG2-B, SG2-E, SG4-B and SG BODY COMPACT series. Thanks to SG-IP69K accessory the IP protection of the light curtain is increased from IP65 to IP67, IP68 and IP69K.


The Gore-Tex membrane on the caps prevents water or dirt entering as well as internal condensation. The connection cable for the light curtain is protected and kept in its place by a M16 metric chock that prevents the entry of water or dirt.


The SG-IP69K accessory is particularly suitable where high levels of humidity and temperature are present and machines or equipments are frequently washed with hot water (up to 80°C) at high pressure (up to 100 bars) and/or cleaned with detergents.

SG-IP69K is particularly suitable for FOOD industry applications:

·beverage production

·meat slaughter

·sausage production

·milk/cheese industry 



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Datalogic protective enclosure

95ASE1290 IP69K Protection Tubes for 150mm Light Curtains


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