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IDEM - Tongue interlock safety switches – INCH-3


  • 8 actuator entry positions
  • Rotatable stainless steel 316 head
  • 3 pole contact blocks
  • Plastic housing with IP67 ingress protection
  • 25mm x 79mm 22mm fixing

Product description


·IDEM INCH-3 Compact Safety Interlock switches are designed to provide position interlock detection for small moving guards

·They are designed  to fit to the leading edge of sliding, hinged or lift off machine guards

·The rugged Stainless Steel actuator profile is designed to match a cam mechanism to provide a positively operated not easily defeated interlock mechanism

·The compact body, 18mm fixing profile and rotatable head make them easy to install where space is restricted

·The rotatable heads have dual actuator entry positions to give up to 8 different entry positions

·3 conduit entry points are available to give flexible mounting options

·Contact blocks are replaceable



IDEM Tongue operated Safety Interlock switches are designed to fit to the leading edge of sliding, hinged or lift off machine guards to provide positively operated switching contacts and provide a tamper resistant, not easily defeatable key mechanism.

They are designed to provide robust position interlock detection for moving guards.

Depending upon the risk assessment for the application, they can be used independently to provide positively operated contacts to EN60947-5-1 or they can be used in combination with any dual channel safety monitoring relays to provide up to Category 4 PLe ISO13849-1 or SIL3 EN62061.

They are available in various materials and housing styles to provide complete flexibility of choice depending upon the application.

They offer a choice of contact blocks (including Explosion Proof) and various actuators to aid installation and maintain durability.



The switch is rigidly mounted to the frame of the guard or machine. The actuator is fitted to the moving part (frame) of the guard and is aligned to the switch entry aperture. The actuator profile is designed to match a cam mechanism within the switch head and provides a positively operated not easily defeatable interlock switch. When the actuator is inserted into the switch the safety contacts close and allow the machine start circuit to be enabled. When the actuator is withdrawn from the switch the safety contacts are positively opened and the machine circuit is broken. Standard versions use high specification plastic or die-cast housings and are sealed to IP67 and provide long term protection against moisture ingress. For harsh applications like Food Processing, Pharmaceutical and Petro-Chemical Industries the Stainless Steel 316 range offers protection up to IP69K for use in high pressure chemical cleaning or CIP/SIP applications.


Number of variants matching filter 8/8 |

Part numbers

Parts Price Actuator Conduit entry
Not included M16
Standard M16
Flat M16
Plastic flexible M16
Not included M12 8 Pole
Standard M12 8 Pole
Flat M12 8 Pole
Plastic flexible M12 8 Pole


INCH-3 M16 '2NC 1NO'

Technical data

Actuator Not included
Annual usage 8 cycles per hour/24 hours per day/365 days
Approvals ISO 14119, EN60947-5-1, EN60204-1, ISO 13849-1, EN62061, UL 508
Conduit entry M16
Contacts 2NC 1NO
Head material Stainless steel 316
Housing material Glass fibre polyester
IP class IP67
Maximum approach / withdrawal speed 600 mm/s
Mechanical reliability B10d 2.5 x 10⁶ operations at 100mA load
Mounting 2 x M4
MTTFd 356 years
Operating temperature -25..80°C
PFHd 3.44 x 10⁻⁸
PL e acc. ISO13849-1
Rated insulation voltage 600V ac
SIL 3 acc. EN62061
Thermal current (lth) 5 A
Travel for positive opening 6 mm
Withstand voltage 2500V ac


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