P17 Signal Transducer

Temperature and Standard Signals

  • Thermocouple or PT100 input
  • 4>20mA output
  • Loop powered

Selected variant

Selected variant

Technical data

Dimensions 76.9 x 99.1 x 6.2 mm
Display No
Input type voltage 0-10V
IP class IP50
Mounting TS 35, DIN rail
Outputs 4-20 mA
Supply voltage 19-30 V dc
Weight 0,8 kg

Measurements and connections

Ordering information

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Parts Input type Price
voltage 0-10V
thermocouple J (-100-1200°C)
thermocouple K (-100-1370°C)
thermocouple N (-100-1300°C)
thermocouple E (-100-900°C)
thermocouple Pt100 (-50-100°C)
thermocouple Pt100 (-50-400°C)
voltage 0-60mV

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