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  • TOSIBOX SoftKey
  • TOSIBOX Mobile Client
  • TOSIBOX 4G Modem

Product description

TOSIBOX® Key is an intelligent cryptoprocessing device that enables a secure connection between your computer and one or more TOSIBOX® Locks, giving you full visibility and control over the network devices connected to the Lock. The Key is fully compatible with all existing TOSIBOX® products.


TOSIBOX® SoftKey is a computer software that works without a physical TOSIBOX® Key device. The SoftKey corresponds to a Sub Key that is controlled via a physical Master Key.


TOSIBOX® Mobile Client extends the current TOSIBOX® solution, giving you secure and easy remote access on the go. The application is available for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.


Part numbers

Parts Price Encryption factor and type? App for Android and iOS VPN connection Key variant Data encryption two-factor authentication
2048 bit RSA key in the cryptographic module 1 License included Layer 2 / Layer 3 (OpenVPN)
4096 bit RSA 1 License included Layer 2 / Layer 3 (OpenVPN) Sub Key TLS, Blowfish-128-CBC, AES-128-CBC, AES-256-CBC Yes
2048 bit RSA Layer 2 / Layer 3 (OpenVPN)


Tosibox key


Technical data

Encryption factor and type? 2048 bit RSA key in the cryptographic module
App for Android and iOS 1 License included
VPN connection Layer 2 / Layer 3 (OpenVPN)
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