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CHI14-34 High inrush power relay

  • Inrush current up to 800 A
  • Suitable for latest generation energy lamps and LED
  • Rated current 16 A
  • Extremely low operation noise

Product description

The CHI is a power relay for all applications effecting high inrush currents up to 800 A such as electronic control gears of energy saving lamps, power supplies of the latest LED lights and switching supplies of industrial components. These loads show an inrush current up to 250 times of their nominal current.

The CHI14 is equiped with a single low noise operating NO contact with nominal current up to 16 A with installation width of 17.5mm. CHI34 has 3 NO and an auxiliary contact and a manual on-auto-off actuator.

Number of variants matching filter 2/2 |

Part numbers

Parts Price Power consumption Number of contacts Width Torque connection Weight
1.2 VA / 0.43 W 1 17,5 mm 0,4 Nm 70 g
30 VA / 30 mW 3 36 mm 0,6 Nm 125 g


Power Relay 16A High Inrush 800A 24-240V ac/dc 1-Pole

Technical data

Input Data

Working Un 16,8...250 V
Voltage range 24-240 V AC/DC
Power consumption 1.2 VA / 0.43 W

Output Data

Number of contacts 1
Nominal current 16 A
Switching capacity AC1 4000 VA
Breaking capacity DC1 384 W
Breaking Voltage 250 V
Recommended min load 100 mA /12 V
Surge current (20 ms) 165 A
Peak current 800 / 200μs A

General Data

IP class IP20
Material Lexan
Width 17,5 mm
Torque connection 0,4 Nm
Connection area multiple conductors 2,5mm2/2x1,5mm2
Temperature operational min -40 °C
Storage temperature min -40 °C
Storage temperature max 85 °C
Temperature operational max 60 °C
Weight 70 g
Approvals CE, RoHS, UL
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