Power Supply 3-Phase, 24 V dc Dimension Q Series IO-LINK

  • IO-Link Interface V1.1
  • Output current 30A
  • Up to 92.5% efficiency
  • 65mm wide
  • Hiccup Plus

Selected variant

Selected variant

Technical data

Input data

Input voltage ac 380-480 V
Input voltage ac min 323 V AC
Input voltage ac max 576 V AC
Inrush current at 400 V ac typical 5 A
Input voltage range Wide-range
Power factor at 400 V ac, full load. Typical 0,88
Number of phases 3

Output data

Output voltage 24 V DC
Output voltage min 24 V DC
Output voltage max 28 V DC
Output current 40 A
Power 960 W

Efficiency / Lifetime / MTBF

Efficiency at 400 V ac, typical 94,7 %
Efficiency at 400 V ac, full load, typical 95,3 %
Lifetime at 400 V ac, full load and +40 ° C 69000 h
MTBF (IEC 61709) 400 V ac, max loan, +40 °C 375000 h


Width 110 mm
Height 124 mm

*Invisible Heading*

Depth 127 mm
Weight 1,5 kg


Approvals CE
Hold time at 400 V ac, typical full load 25 ms
IP class IP20
Clamp type Screw in
Material protection Aluminium
Supply frequency 50-60 ±6 %
Ripple max 100 mV pp
Series Dimension Q
Power consumption at 400 V ac 1,65 A
Power drop from +60 °C to + 70 °C 20 W/°C
Temperature min without derating -25 °C
Temperature max without derating 55 °C
Type Power Supply AC-DC
Active Transient Yes


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