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LED Pulse Counter, Codix 52C

  • 10-30VDC
  • Dual counting inputs
  • 6 Digit display
  • PNP/NPN input

Product description

Total counter with double separate inputs. LED display with 6 x intensive digits, 8 mm. The housing is to IP65. Cable connection with screw terminal. The counter comes with clamps for screw or clamp fitting, gaskets and separate front frames to fit 25 x 50 mm panel holes.

The counter's reset button can be programmed separately for both counter inputs. The reset function can also be disengaged. The counter senses pulses just 16 ms after switching on, so there is no risk of missed pulses even if the motor is switched on at the same time, for example.

Technical data

Supply voltage (UB)

10-30 V DC

Internal consumption

max. 40 mA


6 x red LED (7-segment), 8 mm


24 x 48 mm, recommended depth behind panel 70 mm


EEPROM (min. 10 years)

Input impedance

approx. 5 kΩ

Counter speed

max. 25 kHz (can be set to 30 Hz)

Input signal levels

Low: 0-0.2 x UB (V DC), High: 0.6 x UB-30 V DC


Screw or clamp connection

Protection class

IP65 (at the front)

Temperature range

-20 °C to +65 °C (operating temperature)
-25 °C to +70 °C (bearing temperature)


approx. 50 g

Approvals /EMC

In accordance with EC EMC directive 89/36/EWG
EN 61 000-6-4, EN 55 011 class B, EN 61 000-6-2
UL60950-1 File number: E137006Rohs






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Codix 52C, 24 x 48 mm, LED display

10-30 V DC


Parts Price


Counter Pulse double 24x48mm 10-30VDC


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