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NAFSA - VEM series

  • Power to create holding force
  • Class B winding (130ºC)
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Up to 7104N force
  • Customer specific version available

Product description

The VEM series holds by applying a voltage to the coil.


When the voltage is released, the holding force is removed.


Please ensure safe operating conditions are met when using this type of holding electromagnet.

Part numbers

Parts Price Power Total weight
1,6 W 20 g
3,2 W 60 g
4 W 100 g
5,6 W 200 g
6,5 W 300 g
10 W 800 g
15 W 1300 g
20 W 2100 g
40 W 6400 g


NAFSA VEM series holding electromagnets


Technical data

Insulation class B(130ºC)
IP class IP65
Power 1,6 W
Total weight 20 g
Voltage dc max 24 V
Voltage type DC
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