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Fulling - BLDC 57mm round motor

  • Optional gearbox or encoder
  • Custom windings available
  • NEMA mounting flange

Product description

Fulling BLDC motors have a recognized high performance with large torque available in a small physical size.

 For larger volume enquiries it is possible customize windings, shafts and flanges and with a standard rear shaft, it is easy to combine with, encoder and / or brake.

Also available with many gearbox options, including worm, spur and planetary.

Part numbers

Parts Price Length Max. torque Nominal current Nominal torque Torque constant Weight
54 mm 0,33 Nm 2,9 A 0,11 Nm 0,038 Nm/A 0,5 kg
74 mm 0,66 Nm 5,1 A 0,22 Nm 0,043 Nm/A 0,72 kg
94 mm 0,96 Nm 8,1 A 0,32 Nm 0,0397 Nm/A 0,95 kg
114 mm 1,32 Nm 11,3 A 0,44 Nm 0,039 Nm/A 1,2 kg


FL57BLS01-24V-4000RPM Ready for enc.E5

Technical data

Front size 57x57
Length 54 mm
Max. torque 0,33 Nm
Nominal current 2,9 A
Nominal speed 4000 rpm
Nominal torque 0,11 Nm
Supply voltage 24 V DC
Torque constant 0,038 Nm/A
Weight 0,5 kg


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