Triggering Devices

OEM Automatic offers a extensive range of sensors triggering for triggering of cameras as product moves along a production line. We also supply high quality encoders to ensure the accurate synchronisation of data capture to component position when using line scan cameras or laser profilers. With solutions from esteemed manufacturers Datasensing, Takex, Pil, Rechner and Kubler, we can provide triggering devices in the form of sensors (photo, inductive, capacitive and ultrasonic) and encoders, with up to 36,000 ppr and high IP rated options, as well as a full range of cables and mounting accessories. 


Speed measurement and position detection using incremental and absolute encoders. Choose the perfect encoder for your application from a variety of sizes and ordering options. The Sendix encoder – made in Germany – is the result of the highest quality awareness and careful selection of materials. It has proved its value in many industries as a robust and precise sensor technology. Design your plants, machines, or motors with Kübler encoders through OEM Automatic. Encoders are used wherever lengths, positions, rotational speeds, and angles need to be recorded. They convert mechanical motion into electrical signals. There are differences in the functional principles of encoders. They can thus be divided into incremental and absolute versions.We can generally supply you with all of the encoders in both shaft and hollow shaft models.


Sensors are essential in industrial automation to detect the presence of objects or parts, inspect the integrity or correct assembly, measure the dimension, distance or positioning. Photoelectric sensors are available in many different sizes, versions, and functionalities, ranging from the smallest to the fastest objects, clear or shiny surfaces, colour or invisible fluorescent marks, and dimension or distance measurement. Inductive proximity sensors are specific for metal parts detection at short distance, also in harsh environments with dust, liquids, oil, or grease. Capacitive sensors are used for detecting liquids or powder, also inside opaque and non-metal containers. Ultrasonic sensors are suitable for transparent object detection (plastic film, glass, labels), with distance measurement capability. Accessories include brackets and cables, IO-Link Master, fibre optics and reflectors for photoelectric sensors. Manufacturing applications are widespread in automotive and electronics plants; food & beverage and pharmaceutical, processing and packaging machinery; woodworking, metalworking, textile, ceramic, glass, stones, paper, and more.
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