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Advanced Illumination - AL4554 BALA lighting

9" Broad Area Linear Array

  • Developed to handle a long wide field with low angle of view
  • Very even lighting throughout the area
  • Legacy product see AL150

Product description

The AL4554 range of BALA (Broad Area Linear Array) bar lights are legacy part number derived from the AL150 range.

Designed for applications that require broad illumination over a wide area, or for applications requiring an even broader field of illumintion, utilise 2 BALA bar lights in parallel.

The AL4554 bar light series is expandable in 1" increments up to 82".



Power options include:

  • C1 connector - for use with DCS series controllers
  • C5 connector - for use with Pulsar 320 strobe controller
  • Continuous in-line controller - powered by 24V power supply
  • Combination strobe/continuous in-line controller - powered by 24V power supply
  • Default-OFF strobe/continuous in-line controller - powered by 24V power supply
  • Flying/tinned leads - powered by 24V power supply


Other Wavelength options:

  • UV - 395
  • Blue - 470
  • Green - 520
  • Red - 625, 660
  • Infrared - 880
  • White - WHI


For enquiries or quotes for sizes and power options not listed here please contact us.

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Part numbers

Parts Price Wavelength Colour Connector/controller
395 Ultraviolet C5 connector
470 Blue Continuous in-line controller
470 Blue C5 connector
520 Green Continuous in-line controller
470 Blue Flying/tinned leads
520 Green Flying/tinned leads
880 Infrared Continuous in-line controller
880 Infrared C5 connector
520 Green C5 connector
880 Infrared Flying/tinned leads
WHI White Continuous in-line controller
WHI White C5 connector
WHI White Flying/tinned leads


Ai BALA Bar Light, 9”, UV, pulsar

Technical data

Technical Data

Wavelength 395
Colour Ultraviolet
Length 250 mm
Width 34 mm
Connector/controller C5 connector
Operating temperature 0 - 60°C
Approvals CE, RoHS, IEC
IP class IP50
Weight 267,6 g
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