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Camera Kits for Truck and Trailer

  • Analog PAL/NTSC
  • Digital HD
  • Total-rear-view available
  • For all types of trucks with trailers

Product description

The design and size of trucks with trailers can cause significant loss of field of vision to the front, rear and side of the truck and trailer. Orlaco supply camera kits from reversing to to front view and total rear view.

Part numbers

Parts Price Additional features Number of cables Number of cameras Type
Monitor 3 1 Analogue
Switcher, monitor and optional front camera bracket 4 2 Analogue
Monitor 1 1 Digital
Switcher and monitor 5 2 Analogue
Switcher, monitor and camera bracket 6 3 Analogue
Switcher, multiview and monitor 6 3 Analogue
Switcher/multiview, monitor and front camera bracket 8 4 Analogue


Reversing camera system for truck with trailer

Technical data

Additional features Monitor
Number of cables 3
Number of cameras 1
Type Analogue

Technical illustrations

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