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Datalogic LIDAR Guidance Scanner

  • Scanning angle of 360°
  • Distance up to 50 meters
  • Natural navigation up to 15 meters
  • Based on time-of-flight infrared laser technology

Product description

LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) uses laser-based time-of flight (ToF) technology to construct a 360-degree view for the guidance of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), Laser Guided Vehicles (LGV) and Automated Guided Forklifts (AGF).


Datalogic’s LGS-N50 is a compact, rugged navigation Lidar which can be mounted on suitable vehicles to provide laser-based navigation by providing distance and intensity measurement to the AGV guidance systems.

With its compact size and simple Ethernet UDP protocol, the LGS-N50 is easy to fit and simple to configure.

Combined with Laser Sentinel safety laser scanners, Datalogic offers manufacturers of Automated Vehicles a complete solution for automated vehicle guidance.


Details of the Basler Blaze ToF camera for machine vision and robot guidance applications can be found here.

Details of Datalogic’s safety products in conjunction with LIDAR for AVG applications can be found here.


LIDAR guidance scanner ToF, 360°, 50m

Technical data

Dimension (mm) 95 x 97 x 116
IP class IP66
LED indicator Yes
Lens material Polycarbonate
Material of body Aluminium alloy, Polycarbonate
Output current max 30 mA
Power consumption 7 W
Reading Field of View 0.2-2m (1.8% reflectivity), 0.2-15m (10%), 0.2-50m (80%)
Reading speed 60,000 points per second
Storage temperature max 70 °C
Storage temperature min -30 °C
Supply voltage 12 - 32 V DC
Temperature operational max 50 °C
Temperature operational min -20 °C
Type of light Laser
Weight 900 g
Viewing angle 360°
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