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Sony mirrorless camera for drones

Sony Mirrorless Camera for Drones Available at OEM Automatic

Ideal for drone surveillance, industrial machines, robots and submersibles, OEM Automatic unveils the Sony ILX-LR1 mirrorless camera, an interchangeable lens camera that sets a new standard for machine vision in industrial settings.

This Sony mirrorless camera is available to pre-order now! At OEM Automatic, we understand that precision, versatility, and remote capabilities are the keys to exceptional results.

Mirrorless cameras and drones

Mirrorless cameras are ideal for specialist industrial or OEM applications requiring high-resolution or high-dynamic range images for inspection and quality control.

Unlike traditional DSLRs, mirrorless cameras lack the optical mirror and pentaprism, making them considerably more compact and lightweight - perfect for drones.

The swift autofocus systems and the ability to capture high-quality video have made them a favourite amongst professionals. 

Sony’s mirrorless cameras are ideal for mounting on drones and can capture stunning aerial images and videos, thanks to their large sensors and interchangeable lenses, offering superior image quality and creative control.

The real-time monitoring capability makes the ILX-LR1 invaluable for drone pilots, allowing them to frame shots accurately and adjust settings on the fly. Together, mirrorless cameras and drones open up endless possibilities for capturing breath-taking aerial landscapes, action shots, and unique visual stories from angles that were once impossible to achieve.

Why choose the new Sony mirrorless camera for drone applications?

Because its great for investigation, surveying and drone based mapping

Sony's ILX-LR1 comes equipped with a 35mm full-frame image sensor boasting an impressive 61.0 megapixel resolution.

"As the industrial market for drones expands, we recognised the need for a compact, lightweight and full-frame option that prioritises image quality and offers remote capabilities. This is a gamechanger for many in the industry," says Matthew Swinney, Head of Image Sensing Solutions, Sony Europe.

With the ILX-LR1, Sony combines its trusted imaging legacy with the benefits of interchangeable lenses and the Sony Camera Remote SDK, creating a versatile product optimised for a wide range of industrial applications.

This high-resolution mirrorless camera is a game-changer for applications in inspection, investigation, surveying, and drone-based mapping.

Sony Camera Remote SDK: Remote access and control

The Sony Camera Remote SDK allows for remote access and control of the camera's menus and functions from your software applications. This integration enables you to remotely adjust settings, capture images, and monitor live views. Moreover, it can link unique image IDs with drone position data for post-processing, ensuring highly reproducible and stable shooting.

It’s detailed imagery for enhanced efficiency

The ILX-LR1 captures high-resolution, low-noise images with a wide dynamic range, enabling the detection of small imperfections during inspections and investigations.

It also offers a continuous shooting capability, perfect for rapid mapping from high altitudes. With its compatibility with a wide range of E-mount lenses, it ensures that you have the right lens for the job, reducing the need for multiple lower-resolution cameras.

Lightweight and compact: perfect for drones

Measuring just 3.94 inches in width, 2.91 inches in height, and 1.67 inches in depth, the ILX-LR1 is incredibly compact and lightweight, making it ideal for drone photography. Weighing approximately 0.53 lbs without a monitor, viewfinder, or battery, it's designed with the essential features for industrial applications.

Flexible for many industrial applications

The ILX-LR1's compact and box-shaped design offers flexible mounting options, making it suitable for various job sites, including utilities, green energy, telecommunications, transportation, construction, and land management projects.

It features secure screw holes on all six sides for attaching to drones, industrial machines, robots, or submersibles. Additionally, it comes with a USB Type-C and HDMI Micro (Type D) on the rear for easy installation.

Instant response and extended operation time

The ILX-LR1 Power & Control Terminal supports low-latency data communication for instant response applications, such as capturing images precisely when needed. It's compatible with DC 10-18V power connection and can be powered from the drone's battery, offering extended operation time without battery changes.

Get ready to elevate your machine vision capabilities with the ILX-LR1, available for pre-order now through OEM Automatic. Email [email protected]k or call 0116 284 9900 to enquire and pre-order.



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