New Basler dart board level cameras with 4th generation Sony Pregius S sensors

Small cameras with great performance 

Basler has just launched six new models in its USB 3.0 dart board level camera range. The whole range offers compact cameras with a large selection of sensors, ideal for embedded vision applications. 

The cameras have excellent image quality and come at a great price. They comply with standards, have MIPI CSI-2-based interfaces and have access to Basler’s pylon Camera Software Suite. 

What do the new dart cameras offer customers? 

The six new 5 MP USB 3.0 models give high precision at a greater data throughput. 

They are ideal for applications with challenging installation conditions and high demands for image quality. The small pixel and sensor size meet the need for high-resolution cameras in compact vision systems.

Their small form, low weight and low power consumption make them well suited to factory automation, robotics and medical & life sciences applications.

Some detail 

  • Image quality is outstanding thanks to Sony's IMX548 CMOS sensor, a 4th-generation Pregius S sensor with global shutter. The dart cameras are one of the first in their class to be equipped with this.
  • The 4th-generation Pregius S sensors combine backside illumination (BSI) and global shutter which prevents motion artefacts in the IMX548 sensor when capturing moving objects at high speed. Even the smallest errors are detected.
  • Available in monochrome and colour versions.
  • Available as bare board or with CS-mount or S-mount. 
  • The pylon Camera Software Suite provides access to Basler’s market-leading software, including features such as PGI for in-camera image optimization.

Get in touch

If you’re interested in how Basler’s new dart cameras could play a part in your embedded vision application(s), do get in touch with our Machine Vison team . We’re always happy to discuss how different products might meet your requirements. 

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