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The machine vision product offering at OEM Automatic has gone from strength to strength over the years. Not only can the team advise on the most suitable machine vision camera for your application, they can help advise on the whole machine vision package including lenses, software, filters and everything in between.

If you are looking at implementing a machine vision system, the lenses you choose will play a crucial role in determining the success of the system. Your lens selection will have a huge impact on the quality of the image produced. At OEM Automatic we can supply a huge range of lenses from a wide range of suppliers, so regardless of your application, we will be able to provide you with an appropriate lens for your vision system.

We are excited to announce new additions to the Computar lens offering are now available. 

For Visible+SWIR image sensing: VISWIR lens 

Let’s talk about the new Computar ViSWIR lens range designed to deliver a high-quality image for the next generation Visible+SWIR imaging sensors.  This ViSWIR series received a gold Honoree for the Design Innovators Awards!

This high-performance lens range is suitable for use in multiple markets, including Agriculture, Medical, Remote Sensing, etc due to its non-visible range imaging

The ViSWIR Lite Series - 

The Lite series allows cameras to see between 400-1700nm (visible light-infrared) and utilises a multilayer coating to absorb the specific light, giving you a clear and precise image. Using multilayer coating on the metal lens parts minimises the negative lighting effects.

Key features for the ViSWIR Lite Range of Lenses:

  • Broadband anti-reflection coating 
  • Compact design
  • Hi transmission from visible to SWIR (400-1700nm) range
  • Affordable price
  • Uses the latest Visible + SWIR sensors 
  • Non-visible range imaging allowing diverse applications
  • Developed for the latest Visible + SWIR sensors such as IMX990/991


An addition to the Lite series, the hyper-apo range stands out due to its high-level aberration correction, that allows for better performance between 400-1700nm. 

You don’t need to adjust focus for different wavelengths and don’t need to keep the resolution high from short to long working distances. The APO floating design reduces the focus shift at any wavelength and working distance.

If you’re looking to use a lens in applications like UAV and remote sensing, we recommend the ViSWIR Hyper-Apo series.

Key features of the ViSWIR HYPER-APO Series:

  • High transmission & high resolution at all wavelengths
  • Fully corrected focus shift in visible and SWIR range
  • Ideal for multiple applications, including machine vision, UAV, and remote sensing
  • Available in focal lengths of 8,12,16 and 25mm

This range is the first step to develop a diverse line of high-performance Visible + SWIR sensor lenses for the future.

Product news
Computar visible and SWIR lenses and new MPT fixed focal lenses

High-resolution lens suitable for CMOS sensors

One of the fixed focal ranges in the spotlight, is the MPT 45MP, 1.4” C-Mount Lens Series from Computar.

This lens range has such high standards that it received a silver award for the 2021 Design Innovators Awards!

Compact and cost efficient, the MPT series has gone above and beyond by achieving a resolution fit for 45 megapixels! 

Aberration correction and centring/alignment technology work together to create excellent performance from the image centre to the corner.

To stand out, Computar uses the ‘C-mount’ lens design, which is great for the industrial market and is optimized for large 1.4” imagining sensors. So, you can use a high-resolution imaging sensor without using a large format lens. 

Due to the MPTs’ floating design, it will perform from any working distance. The super high-resolution imaging sensor means the MPT range is ideal for many vertical markets, including industrial drones, sports analytics, and wide-area surveillance. 

Key features of the MPT Lens Series:

  • Compact 45MP lens
  • Engineered with a 1.4" ~1.2" image format
  • Optimum resolution, low distortion, and anti-shading
  • High performance at any working distance
  • The C-Mount format lens is optimized for large 1.4" imaging sensors.

As well as the Computar range of lenses, we can supply from a range of fixed focal lenseslens kitsmanual zoom lensesmotorised lensesvarifocal lenses and speciality lenses. Our Machine Vision team are on hand to help. Email [email protected] or call +44 (0)116 284 9900. 

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