Higher Resolution with the new Boost camera series

Get ready for higher resolution and global shutter technology, as Basler has released six new camera models within the Boost series. With a resolution range from 20-45 MP at frame rates up to 45 fps, the new sensors from ON semiconductor provide excellent image quality. These Boost cameras are available in colour and a monochrome design.

Thanks to sensors from ON Semiconductors XGS series, we have six new sharp camera models with excellent image quality. These Basler Boost cameras are particularly suited to applications requiring high resolution and precision with a large field of view.

Offering resolutions of 20,32 and 45 megapixels (8k), the Boost cameras also include CoaXPress 2.0 interface. The models have high-performance CMOS sensors with state-of-the-art global shutter technology and provide frame rates of up to 45 frames per second, making them a perfect replacement for older CCD sensors.

The Onsemi XGS sensors provide high resolution and outstanding image quality at higher frame rates and lower costs.

Thanks to the CXP 2.0 interface, Basler Boost cameras are ideal for applications with image transfer distances of up to 40m, where high data speeds and resolutions are required.

The six new models are also available as a package together with the Basler CXP-12 interface card 1C.

  • Up to 45 MP resolution (8192x5460)
  • Up to 45 frames per second
  • CoaXPress 2.0

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The new boost cameras are suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Inspection of screens, panels, batteries, solar panels
  • Automatic optical inspection (AOI) / solder paste inspection (SPI)
  • Logistics
  • The food industry


  • boA4500-45cm, 20 MP, 45 fps, Mono
  • boA4500-45cc, 20 MP, 45 fps, Color
  • boA6500-36cm, 32 MP, 35 fps, Mono
  • boA6500-36cc, 32 MP, 35 fps, Color
  • boA8100-16cm, 45 MP, 15 fps, Mono
  • boA8100-16cc, 45 MP, 15 fps, Color

The new XGS based models complement the existing Boost range. Together with further new Sony devices, Basler offer a series with resolutions from 9MP to 45MP and frame rates up to 150fps at 16MP.

To arrange a demonstration or find out more about the Basler Boost series, email [email protected].

Basler boost new higher resolution cameras

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