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IDEM SKORPION Trapped Key M-HD-11, SS-HD-11

Dual Key Handle Interlock

  • Die cast metal or Stainless steel
  • Spring action handle
  • 2 sequential keys, one trapped one unlocked

Product description

IDEM’s M-HD-11 Skorpion trapped key interlock is a die cast metal interlock with spring dual key, 1 key trapped, 1 key free. SS-HD-11 Skorpion trapped key interlock is a stainless-steel interlock with spring dual key, 1 key trapped and 1 key free.

These trapped key interlocks have 2 sequential keys – one trapped, one free, meaning the actuator is unlocked. This means when the handle is unlocked the “access” key can be taken on the person into the guarded area, without fear the “trapped” key can be removed and the equipment restarted.

The interlock handle works on the principle that when the “access” key is “trapped” the handle cannot be removed and is locked into position. Only when the free key from an isolator switch or key exchange system is placed in the second barrel can the “access” key be removed, therefore allowing the handle to be removed.

Only when the isolator key is returned to the Isolator Switch can power then be re-applied to the guarded area.

Part numbers

Parts Price Housing material
Die cast metal
Stainless steel 316


Handle Interlock with Spring Dual Key - 1 Key Trapped 1 Free

Technical data

Housing material Die cast metal
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