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Rechner - LevelMaster capacitive sensor

  • For use in level control of conductive liquids or pastes
  • Stainless steel versions
  • EasyTeach by wire

Product description

Rechner Sensors have designed a new level control sensor to deal with the problems of conductive, adhesive liquids or pastes, in many cases a challenge for the manufacturers of these kinds of products. The LevelMaster sensor replaces the expensive and complex measuring systems frequently employed today to solve these measuring problems. The capacitive LevelMaster sensors are designed for the detection of liquids with a dielectric constant.


A wide variety of products can be detected. Examples are:


  • Vegetable oil, mineral oil.
  • Vinegar, alcohol, water, beer, syrup, fruit concentrate. Even the foam of such products can be detected.
  • Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard.
  • Many others.





KS-801-26-S-G1/2-PEEK/VA-Y3-ETW-HP PNP NO M12 Connector

Technical data

Housing material Stainless steel AISI 304
IP class IP67, IP69K
Output PNP
Supply voltage 12.5...35 Vdc
Switching frequency 1 Hz
Switching type NO

Measurements and connections


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