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Datalogic - Protective stand SG-PSB & SG-PSM

  • Protective stand SG-PSB, height 600-1900 mm
  • Protective stand with mirrors SG-PSM
  • Quick vertical and axial alignment

Product description

Datalogic SG-PSB is a new protective stand series for safety light curtains. It makes the installation of the light curtain more cost effective and even easier with height, angle and camber adjustments.


SG-PSB is a protective aluminium profile mounted on a steel base made by two plates.

Flatness regulation is achieved through 3 grains and spherical level ball.

Angular regulation is achieved in two steps; rough positioning thanks to the grooves on upper plate that are positioned at most common angles (30, 45, 60, 90 degrees); and fine adjustment thanks to 3 eyelets that guarantee ± 10 ° of angular regulation.


SG-PSM is completely new and integrates into SG-PSB single mirrors for typical body or access perimeter protection.


Four different models for 2, 3, 4 beams body protection 500, 800, 900 and 1200 mm controlled height whose mirrors are positioned according to EN-999 standard. Each deviating mirror is tilt independently adjustable through 3 dedicated screws.


By adding SG-P accessories made by an additional square plate together with 3 load springs; the entire system gains the capability both to recover floor or mounting surface irregularities and to absorb shocks and vibrations. 


Part numbers

Parts Price


95ASE2240 Protective stand h=600mm


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