ASCO - 2/2 Angle-seat valve air controlled 3/8"-3/4"

  • Normally closed, normally open
  • Extremely compact version
  • Working pressure 0 bar to 16 bar
  • Housing in stainless

Selected variant

Selected variant

Technical data

Connection 3/8 BSP
Connection air 1/8 BSP
Differential air pressure max 16 bar
Differential oil pressure max 16 bar
Differential pressure max 16 bar
Differential pressure min 0 bar
Differential steam pressure max 10 bar
Differential water pressure max 16 bar
Flow factor / flow coefficient 2,8
Flow max 47 l/min
Function 1 2/2
Function 2 Normally Closed (SPST)
Material body Stainless steel 316L
Material box stuffing PTFE
Material controls Fiberglass reinforced polyamide
Material of body Stainless steel 316L
Material of seals PTFE
Material packing Stainless steel
Material piston rod Stainless steel
Material piston rod seal Stainless steel 303
Material piston seal PTFE
Material scraping seal FPM
Pilot pressure max 10 bar
Pilot pressure min 4 bar
Pressure max 16 bar
Temperature of media from -10 °C
Temperature of media to 184 °C
Temperature operational max 60 °C
Temperature operational min -10 °C
Throughput 10 mm
Weight 0,35 kg
Viscosity max 600 cSt

Measurements and connections

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Parts Connection Differential air pressure max Differential oil pressure max Differential pressure max Differential steam pressure max Differential water pressure max Flow factor / flow coefficient Flow max Material of body Throughput Weight Price
3/8 BSP
16 bar
16 bar
16 bar
10 bar
16 bar
47 l/min
Stainless steel 316L
10 mm
0,35 kg
1/2 BSP
12 bar
12 bar
12 bar
10 bar
12 bar
68 l/min
15 mm
0,4 kg
3/4 BSP
6 bar
6 bar
6 bar
6 bar
6 bar
108 l/min
20 mm
0,45 kg

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