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Crouzet - BLDC geared motor with integrated SMi21 drive & CANopen network

  • 12→48 V dc, 10→120 Nm, worm and planetary gears
  • Speed, torque & postion control. CANopen network
  • Reduce control panel space & cabling
  • Long life (>20,000 hours)
  • IP65 as standard

Product description

The SMi21 integrated drive is ideal for applications where speed, torque & positional control is required.

The motor also incorporates a high resolution 4096ppr incremental encoder ideal for precise positioning applications.

With CANopen communication the motor can be connected & controlled via the master CANopen control network.

The long lifetime of the brushless motor (>20,000 hours with rated load) means it is ideal for continuous or long duty applications.

Having the drive integrated into the motor can also save control panel space, reduce cabling and save set-up time.

3 motor sizes available with the same diameter (57mm x 57mm), with increasing motor lengths for more power/torque.

Planetary & worm gearbox options available for reducing the speed & increasing the output torque.

The motors are rated to IP65 dust/water protection class as standard.

Options for adapation to the standard motor include adding a holding brake, special output shaft, special connectors, upgraded IP protection & special firmware developed according to your specific application requirements.


* Full documentation & user manuals available upon request.


Part numbers

Parts Price Diameter Length Max. torque Power Ratio Shaft diameter Speed options Type of gearbox Weight
52 mm 25 Nm 88 W i=6,75→308:1 12 mm 12rpm→555rpm Planetary 1→3 stages
62 mm 50 Nm 88 W i=5,16→308:1 14 mm 12rpm→727rpm Planetary 1→3 stages
62 mm 50 Nm 97 W i=5,16→308:1 14 mm 9rpm→514rpm Planetary 1→3 stages
81 mm 120 Nm 97 W i=5→236:1 19 mm 11rpm→530rpm Planetary 1→3 stages
81 mm 120 Nm 141 W i=5→236:1 19 mm 10rpm→476rpm Planetary 1→3 stages
206 mm 10 Nm 88 W i=5→50:1 10 mm 75rpm→750rpm Worm 1,87 kg
206 mm 10 Nm 97 W i=5→50:1 10 mm 53rpm→530rpm Worm 2,22 kg
206 mm 10 Nm 141 W i=5→50:1 10 mm 48rpm→476rpm Worm 2,32 kg


Planetary 52mm gearmotor 88W 12→48Vdc 12→555rpm 25Nm max

Technical data

Diameter 52 mm
Integrated control SMi21 CANopen
IP class IP65
Life span 20,000h
Max. torque 25 Nm
Number of pulses per revolution 4096
Positioning feedback Yes
Power 88 W
Ratio i=6,75→308:1
Shaft diameter 12 mm
Speed options 12rpm→555rpm
Supply voltage 12 V DC, 24 V DC, 48 V DC
Type of gearbox Planetary 1→3 stages
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