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We can offer a wide range of premium quality electrical components generally for use within control panels in many different types of industries. Indirect cost savings can usually be achieved by using these innovative products that are often more compact, easier to install, energy efficient and more reliable giving a longer lifetime than many of our competitors. By working closely with our specialised manufacturing partners we can help to ensure the suitability and performance of our competitive product offer.



KDSClick is a new IP66 cable entry system that minimizes the time required for connecting preformed cables, pipes and hoses in to cabinets and enclosures.

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The new Crouzet Touch range of HMI offers the latest in technology, highest performance and flexibility but at an affordable price.

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The ECO range of signal tower from Auer offers high performance LED’s, excellent visibility and long lifetime but still at an attractive price.

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Reduced life time, low switching capacity and frequency are some of the common issues when using electro mechanical relays to switch dc inductive loads such as solenoid valves.

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